Baby Shower Gift Guide

The following items were gifted to me from the companies listed. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Last weekend I threw one of my best friend’s a baby shower. While I touched on pretty much every aspect of her party in the post I did about it, I didn’t speak much on the gifts. Why? They need a blog post all their own, obviously! 😉

When I was planning out the gift I had a few things in mind. First of all, this is her third child. While she has most of the items she needs, I still wanted to give those fun, cute first time mom gifts! Continue reading

Five Fitness Items You Need Right Now!

Items mentioned in this post were provided in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Hey hey! Aren’t you glad spring is here?! One of my favorite things about this nice weather is that I’m so much more motivated to WORK OUT!!!! It’s nice running weather, I don’t have to convince myself even harder to get to the gym, and the warmth of the sun reminds me that summer and bathing suit season are right around the corner! Aside from the nice weather, fitness gear, whether you wear it or otherwise, always motivates me! I feel confident and happy and it makes all the difference.

Below are five of the best fitness related items I’ve found out there. And the best part is that not only are they all affordable, but many of the companies provide a special discount for you!

Check them out and let me know what you think!!!!

Sweaty Bands 


I couldn’t believe there was actually a headband in this world that stayed put! These do! I  also am a big fan of neon/bright clothing for working out. Colors excite the mind, but even more seriously, I train on a busy road and I like wearing bright clothing to ensure drivers and other people see me. Sweaty Bands has so many awesome styles and colors as well!

Use code: chelsea for 20% off

Momentum Jewelry

This has to be one of my favorite products that I have ever seen! I completed my first half marathon back in September and it was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. I had to train for weeks to run those 13.1 miles and did everything I could to motivate myself each day. Glancing down and seeing this bracelet from Momentum makes a huge difference! They also have a variety of other items, including shoe jewelry (footnotes hehe), shirts, and hair ties, that also have inspirational words.  So awesome!

IMG_3393 - Copy.JPG

Use code: AndThenLife15 for 15% off


I quickly became obsessed with this product because I hate running and lifting with my wedding rings on. When I run, it slides all over my finger, and when I lift, it hurts. This ring is made of silicone and they offer a ton of styles and colors. I LOVE it! I even got my husband a Qalo ring for Christmas, as well!


Enjoy Leggings

Is there anything better than a good pair of leggings? And how cute are these? I also love that they are subscription leggings. Yes, you read that correctly! I don’t know about you, but new work out clothes always motivate me, so I love that with the Enjoy Leggings subscription you get a brand new pair each month.


Use code: THENLIFE for 25% off your first month’s leggings

Pura Stainless


I’m a bit of a nature freak so I really, really hate when people buy water bottles that they toss once they’re done. I’ve also heard my share of all the terrifying side effects of BPA, so no thank you to the plastic, again. Enter Pura! They have an amazing line of stainless steel water bottles. And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, they have a variety of different bottle sizes and sleeve colors.

What are YOUR fitness must-haves??

Also, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY with one of these products this week on my Instagram page! Make sure you are following, so you don’t miss out!

Summer style guide.png

Our Favorite Things About Spring!

This post has been sponsored by Gymboree. I received the mentioned products in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


I could not be happier that spring has arrived! The weather here in Virginia has been playing games with us for weeks and I just hope we don’t get anymore serious drops in temperature! I just love the warmth (not scorching hot!) of spring. It means the flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and most importantly, the sundresses and sandals get dusted off! Woo hoo!


One thing about sundresses and sandals for little girls is that they have to be durable and pretty! I don’t want her to be in an outfit on Easter that I’m afraid for her to move in! I want it to be dressy, but I also want her to be able to freely play with her friends and family members! Enter Gymboree!


They have the most precious spring line this season! Head to their website and check out their Easter shop! There are so many adorable options for all the little ones in your life!


Now, I know I already told you some of the things we love about spring, but Gymboree has convinced us think about our #OneBigHappy moment! When I think about what makes us happiest is definitely being outside! There are so many great things to do in the springtime! Go for walks, go to the playground, sit on the porch and chat, and then everything specifically Easter related – egg hunts, church, Easter brunch. It all just makes me happy, particularly because a lot of what I stated are things we do as a family!


Her #OneBigHappy moment is anything to do with flowers! I’ve been showing her flower pictures for months, but ever since I picked a dandelion the other day and gave it to her, she’s been obsessed!


She is so in love with those tulips!


Easter is right around the corner! So hop (pun intended!) on over to Gymboree (online or in stores!) and outfit your kiddos today! There are sales ranging from 40-70% off and if you use code HELLOAPRIL you will receive an extra 20% off your purchase.

Shop the look!


Dress Cardigan Headband Shoes 

Now tell me, what’s your favorite Gymboree look right now?!


Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

I received some of the items in this post in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


I am SO excited to share this gift guide with you! I searched long and hard for gifts that were dapper and unique! I also wanted to find companies that had affordable products that didn’t look cheap! Anyone one else with me there?! That’s so hard sometimes!

Enjoy perusing the list! I’ve included some discount codes as well!

Happy shopping! 

21 Rhinos


These ties are not only perfect since they can be personalized in such a variety of ways, but they also beautiful and such nice quality. I mean this company can even personalize the tie with a photo! How cool is that?!  This is truly a gift for the man that has everything.

Discount code: LIFE10 (10% OFF)

Dark Horse Engraving


These guitar picks are such a unique gift. Song lyrics, initials, a special date – they are able to engrave all kinds of things onto your guitar pick. Their shop also carries a variety of other engraved gift items, including cutting boards, cake toppers, and ornaments.

Discount: Free shipping



These watches are simply stunning! They have multiple styles from many different types of wood. They are truly one of a kind! They also come with their own wooden presentation box.

Discount code: FORDAD15 (15% off through 6/17/18)

Lovely Beards


From a brand new beard to one he’s been working on for a while, this company has just the oils and balms for your man! With manly packaging and robust scents, he’s surely going to love them all!

Discount code: beards10 (10% OFF)



From the man who likes to work-out, has a job with heavy machinery, or just wants a downright comfy wedding band, this company is for him! They are the makers of the world famous silicone wedding band. They carry a variety of styles and colors, too!

I really do hope you enjoyed this gift guide. I think I found some very unique, personal gifts that any guy would love! Let me know what you buy!!!!


mens gift guide.png

Say Hello to Easy Weeknight Dinners

This post has been sponsored by HelloFresh. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

If you have followed my blog pretty much ever you know that I am no chef. Actually let me rephrase that, I will NEVER be a chef! Or so we thought…”we” being my hubby and I. He must actually just love me! Believe me, it’s not the cooking!

Well all that was true until a couple weeks ago when we tried HelloFresh. They offered to send three meals for the week and it may be the quickest email I ever responded to! I’m desperate here guys! Something’s gonna give when it comes to this housewife with a meal on the table thing.


I was so excited to get the box and immediately tore into it when it arrived. I am a bit obsessive compulsive, but everything was packed PERFECTLY. There was dry ice on the bottom, all the frozen meats that would be included in the meal, a cardboard separator, and then three labeled box with all the ingredients I’d need for each individual meal. And all of it was in a cooler bag, inside a cardboard box. Great packaging, I wasn’t worried that anything had gone bad! (And that’s saying something since I’m a little obsessive compulsive with that as well)


The three recipes I chose, as you can see in the picture, were a chicken & orzo dish, a steak & potatoes dish, and a pork chop in creamy mushroom sauce dish. Each of the ones I chose came with a meat, a starch, and veggies. They also each come with step-by-step directions (and step-by-step pictures!) to help you along the way. For the most part, everything is also already measured out. You just have to do some of the chopping…easy enough!


Another thing I loved about HelloFresh is that all of their recipes were short and simple. The longest start to finish time, of all three meals, was 35 minutes! Now I can deal with that on a busy weeknight!

I also love how fancy all the recipes look at the end! Again, that’s saying something for me who never has a beautiful meal presentation. It really is the meal combinations they have that compliment each other so well.

Here is the delectable picture of my plate the night we made the Upgraded Steak and Potatoes. It was seriously one of the best meals I have EVER eaten!


On their website they always have completely free recipes too, which is so, so helpful! I can go back and look up the yummy recipes I tried out or scope out some recipes I want to try.

AND if you visit the HelloFresh website right now you can get $15 OFF your first box!!!! Which in some cases is like a 50% discount!

Bon apetit!

Don’t forget to come back and let me know which meals you ordered!





6 Ways To Stay Organized

I received a product mentioned in this post, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

I am a mama, wife, and (obviously) a blogger. Organization is key unless I want to lose my mind. And the thing is, while I am those three things, staying organized was important before any of those things were identities of mine!

The new year is right around the corner which means new year’s resolutions, or what I better like to refer to them as, GOALS, are running rampant. That’s a good thing, but one of your goals this year should be to actually stick to them!!!

With that being said, if getting organized is one of your goals for 2017, you’ve come to the right blog post! 🙂

Below are six ways that I stay organized.

1 – Pack any and all bags the night before.


Whether it be a lunch bag, a diaper bag, a suitcase, whatever it may be, make sure it is packed the day before said outing, event, trip, etc. This will save lots of time in the morning, even when you’ve planned extra time! It also leaves you 12ish hours to think of something random that you may have forgotten and you’re able to throw it in the bag.

2 – Use a filing system.


This particular file was made by one of my best friends as a baby shower gift! (Score!!!)

The filing system doesn’t have to be anything fancy. File folders and expandable files are super cheap at most local stores. Simply take a few seconds, label the tab, and insert the documents. Then when you need those documents again, they’re right where you left them. (This can also be with emails; most email providers have folders you can drag and drop emails in!)

3 – Write yourself notes.

Don’t assume you’re going to remember, you’re not mostly likely not going to! Whether it’s an adhesive note on the bathroom mirror or a piece of paper on the table by the door. If it’s something that you don’t normally do, write it down, and put the reminder somewhere you’ll see it.

4 – Make sure you have a planner. (And use it!)


I’ve gotten {lovingly} picked on by my friends since high school for always having a planner. It keeps me organized because I am able to instantly pull it out and add dates and times as needed. Appointments aren’t forgotten! I am aware of the time of an event way ahead of time! And I also don’t overbook myself. There is nothing more embarrassing than telling someone you’d be able to make it to something and then realizing you already told someone else the same thing. (Okay so maybe there’s a time or two in my lifetime that I forgot to use my planner!) That won’t be happening now that I’ve found the best planner of them all – a Start planner.

5 – Keep clutter down.

Whether you’re working at your desk or playing with your kids in the floor, once you’re done there, clean up the mess! It seems daunting to stop and do it at that moment, but it’s something I’ve recently started doing and it’s helped so much! I hesitate for a second and want to say, “I’ll do it later,” but when later comes, guess what? I still don’t want to do it. At least if I did it then it is done and more importantly if I’m looking for a particular toy or piece of paperwork, it will surely be found quicker, if the space it’s in is neat and tidy.

6 – Keep a notepad and pen by your bed.


I may or may not have also been picked on for this little trait of mine before, as well! I don’t know about you, but my mind is really going when I’m trying to sleep at night. I remember things I forgot that day and things that I don’t want to forget the following day! By keeping a notepad and pen in my nightstand, I can quickly pull it out and jot down what I’m thinking. Not only does it clear my mind so I can sleep better, but then in the morning I’m not trying to remember what I thought of half-asleep the night before!

As you may have seen hyperlinked above, I have officially ended my lifelong journey to find the PERFECT planner. My Start Planner is a game changer. It has tabs for goals, finances, list making, and of course, daily and monthly calendars. Aside from its extreme functionality, it is gorgeous. The front of the planner is an actual watercolor painting. It also has beautiful gold corner details. It is sturdy and spiral bound and there is even a folder on the inside cover.


Well today is YOUR LUCKY DAY!!!!! I have partnered with Start Planner to give away a 2017 planner! Not only are they giving you the chance to win one, but they are also giving you a FREE party download just for entering! Good luck! Click here to enter!

Now tell me, what’s one goal you have for 2017?!


6 Tipsto staying organized.png

Baby’s First Icecream

I don’t know what has made me so nervous about Little Miss trying icecream for the first time, but she finally did it!

img_2613Thank you to Halo Top Creamery for sponsoring this blog post. 

It was my mom’s birthday about a week or so ago, so what better time to try icecream for the first time, right?!

Besides the obvious, I purchased birthday cake flavor because the packaging made me think of a certain cake we’d make for EVERYONE on their birthday that was white cake with sprinkles in the batter! Yum! Any of my college besties reading right now?!  You know what I’m talking about!


Little Miss knew something yummy was coming from the second I pulled it out of the freezer! She knows that anything that comes out of that big silver box in the corner of the kitchen is something she can eat or drink! And this girl is a fan of food!


She was actually getting a bit sassy in this picture because she couldn’t figure out how to get the top off and was upset that banging her spoon against the top wasn’t helping.


Mommy to the rescue! But wait….why is it cold? And solid?

And then came the first bite…



“I think I like this stuff…”




Those eyes! Haha She was lovin’ it!


And then I remembered her bib…just in time for the last bite! Oops!




Thanks again to Halo Top!