36 Week Bumpdate

Well pregnancy brain is officially in full swing! Goodness gracious! I know it’s something us women joke about, but research has actually showed it’s a real thing (in case you didn’t know!) In all seriousness, I’ve been kind of struggling this week with it – forgetting basically everything unless I do it the immediate second that I think about it, double booking myself for things, andddddd forgetting about this week’s bumpdate. It’s been frustrating, if I’m being honest, but I’ve been giving myself grace (and writing 19,583 to-do lists and sticky notes).

36 week update.jpg

I remember getting this nursery ready for you, sweet girl. It won’t look like this much longer….

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32 Week Bumpdate

Hey hey! We are chuggin’ right along and right now the time feels like it’s going faster as this pregnancy continues. (I’ll probably revoke that statement in a month or so!)


As some of you may have remembered, we had a follow-up ultrasound last week, at 31 weeks, due to some unsettling news we recieved at the 24 week appointment. Continue reading

Your Rights in Childbirth

Before I dive into anything I just have to say this …. whatever you choose, let it be YOUR CHOICE! Do not let your friends, doctors, society, your mom, ANYONE, make you feel that you have to do things a certain way. You should feel comfortable. You should feel safe. And you should feel supported. Find those people that advocate for you and believe in what you want. They’re out there. You can do this!

affection-baby-birth-208189 (1)

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The Type of Friend Every Mom Needs

Becoming a mom can be a really tough transition. You are getting used to so many things that are your new normal and quite frankly, there are many times it is downright lonely. For me, being a stay-at-home mom made it even a little more lonely because you have little to no adult interaction throughout the day. It took months, but slowly and surely the role of Mom got more comfortable and I actually have a circle of “mom friends.” It doesn’t have to be a large group of friends, just mom friends your heart and soul truly need… Continue reading

I Quit!

If you know me or have followed me for any amount of time you know that I went back to work in August 2017. You also know that I very much struggled with the working mom transition. I wasn’t ever 100% sure I was ready to go back into the teaching profession, but once I was offered the position I jumped in head first! However, within a week I knew it wasn’t the right fit for me, for our family. I wrote this resignation letter in October, barely a month after going back. Yesterday, I finally turned it in and started packing my things.  Continue reading