Throwing an Easter Party {on a Budget}

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If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know I love planning parties! You also know I loveeeee a good deal! This past weekend our family hosted a Easter event at a local park and it was honestly one of the best days of my life. We had such a wonderful day! I wanted to give you some tips on how to host a similar event, especially since you still have a few weeks until Easter! Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Brunch & Play Date

I had the most wonderful weekend!!!! And I hope you did too!


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Adalynn and I co-hosted a Galentine’s Day Brunch and Play Date and it was pretty much the best thing ever. I’m sure you’re not suprised since I’m so holiday obsessed! My mama friends brought their kiddos over and we did crafts, ate brunch (mimosas included), and had a photo booth. And then while the kiddos continued playing the moms took part in adult conversation!!!!! Unheard of, right?! Hahah Continue reading

A Valentine’s Date with my Daughter

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I love holidays! Valentine’s Day quickly became one of my faves after having my baby girl. My husband and I never really celebrated and deemed it a “made-up” holiday. (Such bah humbugs! So unlike me!!! haha) Well fast forward a few years to our baby’s first Valentine’s Day! I wanted to decorate, I wanted everyone to wear hearts and pink and red and anything that said “love.” We did Valentine’s Day crafts, we made cards, we took pictures in all our lovey dovey goodness! I was immediately obsessed! Continue reading

Adalynn’s 1st Birthday Party

I had way too much fun planning our baby girl’s 1st birthday party. While birthdays are so bittersweet, I was did much less crying than I thought I would! I was just so excited for the fun things planned and I’m so excited to see the wonderful things she accomplishes in her life!

Her birthday party was pink lemonade themed and boy did I find some adorable stuff to go along with that theme! I’m also someone who is all about details so every little thing I found I could picture being incorporated into her birthday party.

Her perfectly designed invitation (thank you Audrey!) was a great start!!!


Continue reading

A Most Beautiful Day

There have been lots of beautiful days in my life, the day I married my best friend, the day we found out we were expecting our first child, the birth of our daughter, but I now have a new one to add to the list. It again involves our daughter, she’s really stealing the show isn’t she? The particular day was a couple Sundays ago when we had her dedicated at our church.

Our church means so much to us as it was together we began our journey there, having just gotten engaged. We went through premarital counseling there as well, and met the pastor that ended up officiating our wedding. It has felt like home from the first day we stepped foot in the door. To say that our daughter getting dedicated there was emotional for so many wonderful reasons is an understatement!

IMG_0760 - Copy.JPG

The day started, as most of our Sundays do, getting Adalynn out of her crib to come snuggle with us in bed. Shortly after that we ate a small breakfast and got ready for church. Our church is “come as you are,” but John and I dressed up a bit more than normal for this special occasion. Lastly, I got Adalynn ready (didn’t want her to have any extra time to destroy what she would be wearing haha). I dressed her in a light cream colored dress with subtle sequins. She also wore cream bloomers that matched the dress and white stockings and shoes. I also put on the sweetest little cardigan since the dress didn’t have any sleeves. Daddy came in at that point and the big decision of what bow she’d wear was made. Hehe We picked the simplest of them all. Lastly, I placed a gold bracelet on her wrist. Tears filled my eyes as I looked her over, just beautiful! The gold bracelet had been given to me as a baby from my grandmother, but my mother always kept it safe for me. She’d given it to me since having Adalynn. I couldn’t believe I was looking at it on her! I have known about the bracelet my entire life, often asking for my mom to pull it out of her jewelry box, but seeing it on my own daughter after all these years was just amazing!

John and I got to church early so that all final preparations could be made. Our families and friends had reserved seating with us, so we figured we would just catch up with them once they sat down, at least for a couple of minutes before service began. Well everything ended up being planned so accordingly with the church that they didn’t really need us. We found somewhere to sit in the atrium and actually ended up seeing every single person we’d invited before ever going into the sanctuary. It was very unexpected but the perfect down time to chat, give hugs, and swoon over Adalynn.

The service was beautiful. A little boy, a sweet girl, and a set of boy/girl twins were dedicated alongside Adalynn! Pastor Michael said such sweet words, took individual time to introduce each baby, and then prayed over all of the children. He then placed his hand on each child’s head and prayed for them, speaking their name. Afterwards he explained that each family would be receiving a jar of marbles, with a marble representing every week of the child’s life until they were 18 years old. He explained that there is also a bag tied to the jar with some marbles already in it. These are the weeks that have already passed in the child’s life. He said that although it pulls at our heartstrings it is not to be sad, but to remind us, as parents, to be intentional with our children. So bittersweet and so beautiful! (Even though, if we’re being honest, I really don’t want to move any marbles around!)



After church everyone came to our house for a reception, including a few more family members who hadn’t been able to be at the dedication. I really enjoy party planning (or any planning for that matter!) so I’d spent a few days leading up to the reception being all Pinterest-y and creative and stuff. Hehe

(Free printable found via Pinterest, baby’s breath flowers in simple vase, gold plasticware in jars with gold glitter and pink ribbon, chalkboard menu from the Target dollar section, delicious one tier cake from Buttercream Cupcake Cafe)


(Hershey kisses in pink organza bags with silver crosses)

The reception was such a blessing!

It was so wonderful to have so many of our very favorite people under one roof. I was actually a little upset after the fact because it flew by so quickly that I didn’t take the number of pictures I wanted.  Looking back, however, I realize that some of the genuinely best times I’ve had have the least amount of pictures. Everyone was just truly soaking up their time together, and for that I am so, so grateful!

Plus, everyone got a little bit of time with Adalynn and that’s who they came to see anyway! 😉

I did snag some pictures of her with all the other kiddos that were there. I love the imperfect perfect-ness of these pictures!!!!




And we managed to grab a couple family ones as well!

It truly was a beautiful day! Our families and closest friends were with us. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. God’s love almost seemed tangible.


God, we are so thankful for your love and grace and can’t imagine raising our little girl without you. Thank you for choosing us to be her parents. Thank you for your guidance everyday. We are so grateful and hope the way in which we are raising her is pleasing to you! In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen!