What You Read the Most in 2018…

Since starting my blog a few years ago, 2018 was definitely my slowest year. My blog posts was super spontaneous, I didn’t take much time to promote any of my posts, and overall this site just took a place on the back burner. I’m really hoping that 2019 has me on this space much more frequently again because I sure have missed it!

With that being said, even though I posted much less frequently (is that correct English??) I still had my tried and true readers who kept up with my posts so I thought those of you reading may be interested in my top five posts of the year! Also, to those readers, I will literally never be able to thank you enough. To think that anyone takes time out of their day to read anything I’ve written will always humble me beyond measure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So without anymore rambling, here’s the top posts of 2018:

5th Most Viewed Post in 2018:

Why I’m Always Happy 


I’m almost didn’t include this one because I didn’t write or publish it in 2018. With it being in the top five, however, I felt I had to include it. This post was written after an encounter with a coworker of mine. It felt great to finally hit publish on it because it was one of those posts that I felt I may get judgement from, but I finally bit the bullet and I’m so glad I did!


5th Most Viewed Post Written in 2018:

What Grief Has Taught Me About Life


This post was one of the hardest ones I’ve ever written, but also one that took so much weight off of me. I wrote this post after losing multiple family members, our family dog, and my childhood home over the course of 14 months. My heart was so heavy but going through all of that taught me so much.


4th Most Viewed Post of the Year:

We Have Some Exciting News…


It’s probably pretty obvious why this post was so popular! If you can’t tell by the title and the picture above, this post was when we announced that we were expecting baby number two. This blog post was also in collaboration with Pink Blush maternity wear.


3rd Most Viewed Post of the Year:

24 Week Bumpdate



This is one of two “bumpdates” that made the top five. In this bumpdate I talked all about the issue that had been noted in a repeat ultrasound I had to have done. I also talked about how life in general and pregnancy overall were going.


2nd Most Viewed Post of the Year:

I Quit!

adult-attractive-beautiful-289222 (1)

Ah, another blog post that I had to hit “publish” on and not look back. After ten months of publicly sharing all the difficulties I was having with being a working mom, in this post I shared my resignation letter when I finally made it official.


The Number One, Top Viewed Post of the Year:

20 Week Bumpdate & Gender Announcement



I think I can guess why this one was so popular as well! I’d kept everyone informed via my Insta-stories with when our anatomy ultrasound was so everyone was very excited to learn the gender of baby number two. This post was how we announced it, not just to our blog readers, but to many friends and family as well!


Well that’s a wrap 2018! I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for And Then Life. As always, always, always, thank you for being along for the ride!!!



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