40 Week Bumpdate

Hello due date! I wasn’t sure if we’d make it this far since Little Miss was born the morning OF her due date, but here we are! Aside from a back injury, I am still feeling great. And apparently so is Little Man…


I had my 40 week appointment today and all is good and someone is feeling particularly snug in there! We have a nonstress test and ultrasound scheduled for next week if nothing happens between now and then. It is pretty exciting that this is the last bumpdate though!!!

Other updates:

Name: Still don’t have one! We have some pretty good options for first and middle, but we’re not sure we’re going with those / what combination we are using.

Nursery: DONE! There are a few shelves and walls that need little touches, but as of right now everything we have for the nursery is hanging up, built, installed, etc.

Cravings: None, but get this Halloween candy out of my house!

Sleep: I am sleeping okay, waking a few times throughout the night to pee. I also have been having some hip pain from sleeping on my sides, but it normally subsides with an hour or so of me being up for the day.

Big Sister: She is ecstatic! I feel like she can feel the excitement around her and she’s been super snuggly with me, reading books about babies, and talking alllll about her brother.

I can’t think of much else to update you guys on for now, but feel free to leave any questions below! Let Baby Watch begin….

If you missed any, here are all the other bumpdates: 36 week, 32 week, 28 week, 24 week, 20 week/gender announcement, 17 week, & here’s our pregnancy announcement!

One thought on “40 Week Bumpdate

  1. Anonymous says:

    Crazy well I will call myself CRAZY AUNT DEBBIE even though I’m a great-aunt that just sounds too old LOL but I am so excited to meet the little one you look gorgeous healthy as your first pregnancy was God bless you I love you and can’t wait to see the little guy and meet him & just hold him for awhile xo


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