36 Week Bumpdate

Well pregnancy brain is officially in full swing! Goodness gracious! I know it’s something us women joke about, but research has actually showed it’s a real thing (in case you didn’t know!) In all seriousness, I’ve been kind of struggling this week with it – forgetting basically everything unless I do it the immediate second that I think about it, double booking myself for things, andddddd forgetting about this week’s bumpdate. It’s been frustrating, if I’m being honest, but I’ve been giving myself grace (and writing 19,583 to-do lists and sticky notes).

36 week update.jpg

I remember getting this nursery ready for you, sweet girl. It won’t look like this much longer….

So while I prefer the bumpdates be at the start of that particular week, this one just isn’t. And that’s okay. Attribute it to the pregnancy brain, the fact that there’s not much to update, the fact that baby’s health concerns have been put to rest in the last month or so, or just our crazy, busy life in general – here ya go! đŸ™‚

Baby name: I THINK my husband and I have justttttt about narrowed it down. We have two first names we really like and three middle names so at this point we kind of have stopped talking about it and I’m thinking we’ll decide once he makes his arrival.

How is Mommy feeling: I am still feeling pretty good! The physical demands of having a toddler are definitely being felt this pregnancy with back pain in a few different spots, but I am just doing my best to stay comfortable with baths, bouncing/sitting on the birth ball, and using five pillows to support myself when I sleep (yes, five haha)

Cravings: I want to eat constantly. Not even unhealthy stuff necessarily but little things all. day. long. I recently read that my body will want smaller meals at this point in my pregnancy and that is showing to be true.

Nesting: SO MUCH NESTING! We are just now setting up the nursery (and our daughter’s big girl bedroom) (LONG story!) so I’ve been in overdrive wanting to get both those big projects out of the way before he is here. I know that he really doesn’t need a totally stocked and set up nursery (his sister didn’t have one until a couple months later), but the instinctual mama feelings have me wanting it done and done asap. We are also having to move some furniture around in other rooms of our house (and you especially know this if you follow along on Instragram) and I want to make everything look just right!

Baby shower: We had our second, and final, baby shower this past weekend and it was WONDERFUL! I am hoping to pull a blog post together of it because it was just precious. My first baby shower was for family, thrown by my mom, but this one was all my best friends and my mom and mother-in-law. My best friend threw it and she coordinated the theme of the shower with the theme of his nursery! Just perfect! It was one of the best days!

Well that’s about it! Little Man is head down and ready to rock and roll in the coming weeks! I can’t believe he’s almost here!

As far as bumpdates go, I’ve been doing them every 4 weeks, so the next will come at 40 weeks, unless I’m truly feeling like go-time may be sooner than that! (Big Sister came spontaneously on her due date. This has everyone is thinking he’s going to come a bit early, and while I could see that happening, I’m also not banking on it because I don’t want to end my pregnancy impatient).


Thanks for following along on our journey!



P.S. If you missed any bumpdates you can find them here: 32 weeks, 28 weeks, 24 weeks, 20 weeks (& gender announcement), 17 weeks, & last, but not least, our pregnancy announcement 

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