Newborn Hospital Pictures to Melt Your Heart

Can’t believe a year has gone by since I snapped these pictures of my friend’s brand new babe! His big sister and oldest sibling is my goddaughter and his mama is my best friend and witnessing a third and final baby so fresh and new for this family made my heart totally burst!


If I’m being honest, I thought I’d be excited to meet him, but they already have two kiddos, one being a boy, so I thought I’d be excited, but it’d be just that. I’ve seen them do this twice already, ya know? WRONG! My eyes filled with tears the moment I saw him. It’s amazing how every little baby is such a BIG blessing! I mean he is a whole person on this big ol’ Earth! How awesome is that?!

IMG_5288 (1)


This picture below is probably my favorite picture I have ever taken! I just love every single thing about it.



Happy, happy birthday sweet boy! “Aunt” Chelsea loves you so much!

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