32 Week Bumpdate

Hey hey! We are chuggin’ right along and right now the time feels like it’s going faster as this pregnancy continues. (I’ll probably revoke that statement in a month or so!)


As some of you may have remembered, we had a follow-up ultrasound last week, at 31 weeks, due to some unsettling news we recieved at the 24 week appointment.

Thankfully, everything was PERFECT! His growth in all areas is right on track and he is currently measuring a little over three pounds. We are so grateful his little kidneys are normal and we won’t have to have any additional appointments or ultrasounds from here on out!

I had my family baby shower this past weekend and it was wonderful. My mom was the hostess and my cousins and aunts attended. It was a small crowd which was nice because then I was able to get in quality time with everyone that came. They also spoiled us rotten. I had little to no hand-me-downs from big sis so I was slightly panicking about clothes, but I’m feeling much better now. We also got a case of diapers, our bassinet, and lots of other big and small items we needed and wanted.

Our next appointment is a belly check at 34 weeks, which we anticipate to be a pretty uneventful appointment. I have stuck to my schedule of posting every 4 weeks, with an update, however, so the next one won’t come until the week of our 36 week appointment.

Can’t believe there’s not many of these updates left! I know I didn’t start until week 17 but goodness it’s flown!

In other news:

Baby name: We have no idea. I kind keep forgetting we have to name him since we were 99% of our daughter’s name before we even knew she was a girl. I panic a bit when naming him crosses my mind because we literally have no idea at all.

How is Mommy feeling: I am feeling pretty good. My belly feels heavier than I remember it feeling with A and basically nothing fits me even though in comparison shots of that pregnancy and this one I am slightly smaller with this one. I’m obviously carrying differently. I am also having some slight back pain and pretty uncomfortable diastasis recti pain, but nothing that’s too completely unbearable or terrible!

Cravings: None, but I do like to eat right before bed, which probably isn’t great, but oh well!

Nesting: Here and there! I have organized and reorganized a few random things like paperwork. I also completely cleaned and organized our garage the other day. And I also had my husband get all our baby items from A down from the attic so I could go through every single piece of clothing, toy, etc to see what we could reuse/use with a boy. Okay, so maybe I’m nesting a little more than I thought I was….

Travel: As many of you know, we’ve done quite a bit of traveling this summer including a road trip with stops in New York, Montreal, Maine, Massachusetts, and New Jersey and then 10 days after returning from that flew to Dallas for a week. We had an incredible time on both trips, but I was pretty spent after returning from Dallas and have been happy to hunker down the past few weeks. We have no more trips, not even small ones, planned, the rest of this pregnancy, but I do have my mind on a few places for the next year and a half or so!

Well, I guess that’s a wrap for this week/month’s “bumpdate!”



Have you seen all my posts for this pregnancy?

If not, here’s our pregnancy and gender announcements and bumpdates for 17 weeks, 24 weeks, and 28 weeks, if you missed any! ❤



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