America’s National Parks: Acadia (Maine)

Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to start with this post! I ABSOLUTELY loved this place! Maine has always been high up on my bucket list, but going to Acadia while there just pushed it over the top! What an absolutely stunning place! The reason I even chose Bar Harbor was because I wanted to witness the sunrise. If you don’t know, Bar Harbor is the first place in the U.S. to see the sunrise. Well little did I know, that isn’t true year around. Womp womp!

Regardless, it is just beautiful and somewhere I definitely want to visit again. (Acadia, and just Maine in general). We did a few different things within Acadia National Park so I’m going to split this post into sections to make it a little easier to understand. I also have a “know before you go” section at the bottom of the post that I highly recommend looking at if you’re planning a trip here.

Our first stop in Acadia was Cadillac Mountain, which is the highest point on the East coast. You are able to drive up it and then walk around once you reach the top. The view was really great and you could see down onto Bar Harbor and look at all the islands below. Again, simply gorgeous! It is pretty easy to get around up there and if you’re not pregnant or with a two-year old, it’s easy to navigate if you’re off the path as well.




From Cadillac Mountain we wanted to do some hiking. One of the things I was most excited about for Acadia was the fact that they have numerous trails, with many different levels of difficulty. As I said (and you can see in the picture), we needed something on the simpler side since I was seven months pregnant with a two year old in tow.

One of the trails that had been recommended to me was the Jordan Pond Path Trail. It was a bit confusing once we reached that area of the park because there were a few paths/trails that were near Jordan Pond and I actually think we took one we didn’t intend to. We were told it was short and easy and the one we took was not! haha It was 3+ miles and at certain parts we literally had to climb rocks. It was a beautiful view and I have to say, I did feel accomplished once we finished it, which I can’t necessarily say I would have said if we were just on some level path the entire time. I was also SO glad we chose this because unlike many trails that would go up to the higher points and have a great view at the end, this had a stunning view the entire time.







After our two hikes we went for a late lunch/early dinner (it was like 3:30, 4:00) at the Jordan Pond House. The Jordan Pond House was recommended to me multiple times and a now see why. With a rich history, delicious food, and a beautiful backdrop, it truly can’t be beat. There are few dining establishments that really stick out in my memory when traveling, but the Jordan Pond House is definitely one of them. And if you stop there, make sure you order some popovers!





-Cadillac Mountain gets VERY crowded. We got there shortly after the park opened because we’d been told that they actually shut down the road leading up to it for safety reasons.

-Parking passes are $30 and last one week (as of July 2018)

-Jordan Pond House is on the pricier side but WORTH IT! Also, be prepared for a long wait if it’s peak season or meal time. (Our wait time was 3 hours so that’s when we did one of our hikes. There is also a large gift shop you can keep busy in as well. It had everything!)


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