28 Week Bumpdate

Hello third trimester! Can’t believe we’re already here!


It’s so true that once you already have a little one your pregnancies fly by! We’ve bought almost nothing (four outfits to be exact) and have ZERO name ideas! I actually kinda keep forgetting we actually have to name him. (With our first, we had her name picked out before we even knew we were pregnant).

As far as symptoms go, other than an ever expanding belly, I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. Well that, and the fact that I pee every four and a half seconds. I have had none of the other things that women sometimes experience at this point, such as heartburn, limb swelling, or insomnia. I’ve actually had the opposite of insomnia! Don’t all the pregnant women come kill me for saying this, but I’ve been sleeping great! I think I wear myself out just enough throughout the day that once bedtime hits I’m spent. But yea, this boy and his sister are/were so easy on me during pregnancy; let’s hope he also follows in her footsteps once birthing time comes around.

As far as diet and exercise goes, I always could probably drink a few more glasses of water, and eat pretty healthy, but have my moments of weakness. As far as exercise (aside from chasing around a two year old!) I have been trying to do some power walks. I legitimately feel like an 83 year old woman at the mall, but I got too far out of regular running to even consider any light runs. Aside from walks, I am doing yoga as regularly as I can remember, and just like the first time around, I LOVE IT! It is relaxing, the stretching feels wonderful, and I truly feel like some of the techniques this particular woman does prepare my mind and body for labor.


Anddddd last, but not least, how’d the last two appointments go? Last week, I had my glucose testing done and everything came back good. I was cleared for gestational diabetes, my hemaglobin levels (I think that’s what she said?? lol) were good, and my blood sugar was a little low (which is normal for me, especially on a morning I hadn’t eaten).

Today’s appointment was just an emotional screening and a heartbeat check. They didn’t question my sanity so I’m assuming I answered unalarmingly on the questionnaire and baby’s heart rate was in the 140s. My favorite part of every appointment is how involved they let A get. She is on the table with me and helps hold the doppler and they ask her lots of questions and let her keep any brochure she finds while she’s there. I love the family feel there. It makes this transition feel so normal and beautiful – they truly treat us as a family and not just me as a single patient in their care.


Thanks for following along with our baby journey! The next bumpdate will come in September after our follow-up ultrasound to check on Little Man’s kidneys. We are still feeling confident and faithful that everything will be just fine!



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