Domestic Travel: Waterfall Walks in Watkins Glen State Park


If you are ever in upstate New York,  you need to make the drive to Watkins Glen State Park! I promise, you will not be disappointed! We were actually staying an hour and a half plus from this particular state park, but I’d heard (and seen pictures) and decided to make the trek. (Even after being in the car for 13 hours just the day before).


Everything we walked was a path or trail so that made things easier, but it wasn’t an EASY hike, if that makes sense. (Not easy, as in it is hard, but not easy as in I could definitely feel it in my feet and calves that night). The waterfalls are best seen from down in the gorge so we did a lot of upward walking to get the trail, downward walking to get down into the gorge, and then upward walking/hiking/whatever you feel like calling it at that point, to get back to our starting point and our car.


I will say a few things to take into consideration when I’m the one that’s saying that the walk/hike wore me out: 1) I am 6 months (almost 7 months) pregnant, 2) it was in July, and 3) my two year old navigated it JUST FINE!




As I said, it makes it much easier since you’re on trails and walkways the entire time (as you can see from many of these pictures).





What’s your favorite state park? Why?


Happy travels!


2 thoughts on “Domestic Travel: Waterfall Walks in Watkins Glen State Park

  1. Peggy Dixon says:

    Oh my God I remember it I’m the mother of the seven month old pregnant woman and almost three-year-old grandchild it was amazing and beautiful and yes I would love for everyone to see it

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