24 Week Bumpdate


I wish my initial reaction when writing this one was of pure joy, but the last couple weeks haven’t exactly been that. If you remember from my 20 week bumpdate, there were a few dicey minutes in the ultrasound where they couldn’t quite get a clear view of his heart. They eventually did, his chambers looked good, and we left feeling confident that he was 100% healthy. Fast forward a few days after that appointment and I received a phone call that we needed to come back and have a repeat ultrasound done because they needed to look at his heart. I immediately wanted to burst into tears! I asked why and the receptionist told me that her notes just said something about a transfer error and that she assumed that meant that they basically didn’t get good pictures. I told her that I would appreciate if you went to the ultrasound tech or doctor or whoever and found out EXACTLY why they wanted us to come back in. She returned to the phone to say that yes, they simply hadn’t gotten the pictures of the heart that they’d wanted and we needed to come back in.

Honestly, things still didn’t settle with me, but the fact that they told us we could wait until the 24 week appointment did make me feel a little better.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning when we walked back into the same room as four weeks earlier. I had already cried twice that morning and kept telling myself everything was fine, but just couldn’t shake the anxiety. (Side note, this also comes from being in a doctor’s office while pregnant because I am very holistic when it comes to birth and choose to be surrounded by midwives and do things as natural as possible so it just didn’t feel right to be sitting in a doctor’s office again. I’m pregnant, not sick!)

The ultrasound seemed to go well and the tech said everything with his heart looked great. She also apologized for having to have us come back in, but that she just couldn’t track down any of the still shots she’d done of the heart at the 20 week appt.; all other organs she had documented well.

At this point, I’m feeling great, literally as she’s wiping the petroleum jelly off my stomach and I’m ready to run get out of there, she says, “His kidneys are dilated and we need to track that, so we need you to come back at 31 weeks,” And everything froze for a few seconds, just like it did with the phone call about his heart a few weeks prior. What does that mean? Is it serious? Is he going to be okay? What do we do? She explained that male babies often have dilated kidneys. She also explained that they often grow out of the dilation before birth. However, if at 31 weeks they are still dilated I will meet with Maternal Fetal Medicine for a second opinion. Assuming his kidneys don’t get worse than a 7 mm dilation while in utero (and MFM has the same opinion as my doctor’s office), a urology team with be in the delivery room when he is born and assess his immediately…and we’ll go from there!

So yea, there’s this week’s update. Not EXACTLY what I wanted, but I have no doubt that God is holding us all, especially our sweet baby in His hand and everything will be fine.

And now for some not so serious stuff:

Update on Mama: Feeling large and in charge, but measuring right on track. Experiencing some round ligament pain, but if at all, only when I stand from sitting. Also, it seems to have cleared as I write this post, but the past week I have had terrible congestion.

Cravings: No run to the store at 2 am cravings, but I am a big fan of chocolate, peanut butter, avocados, and cherries. Not together! Well the chocolate and peanut butter together is great! Or alone!

Next appointment: I will go in for my glucose test at 27 weeks. My baby and belly check won’t be again until week 28.

Other ramblings: We are still shocked it is a boy and I don’t think it is really going to hit me until we meet him. We have absolutely NO idea as far as names go and I actually kinda keep forgetting we actually have to name him. We have started working on some ideas for the nursery, but haven’t purchased anything.



I’ll update again after our 28 week appointment! Until then, if you missed our announcement or bumpdates 17 or 20 (& gender reveal), there ya go! 🙂






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