Your Rights in Childbirth

Before I dive into anything I just have to say this …. whatever you choose, let it be YOUR CHOICE! Do not let your friends, doctors, society, your mom, ANYONE, make you feel that you have to do things a certain way. You should feel comfortable. You should feel safe. And you should feel supported. Find those people that advocate for you and believe in what you want. They’re out there. You can do this!

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When I was pregnant with my first I had this little pull to do some research into natural childbirth and boy, did I find out a ton. Fast forward to almost nine entire months of researching different procedures, watching videos, reading testimonials, blogs, and books, talking to women who had experienced natural childbirth, those who hadn’t, and those who’d experienced both. It was totally mind blowing!

Since then I have not forgotten much of what I read, but I’ve also recently discovered (and rediscovered) things since I am planning and preparing for childbirth again. The rights I list are not only for those opting to go all natural for childbirth, but it was when I dove into that research, that I discovered these things. I figured the easiest way to list these rights would be to do just that, list them. So here we go!


As I said before, BIRTH HOW YOU WANT TO!

You have the right* to do all of the following things**:

Request delayed cord clamping

Keep the placenta (even if it is not to be used for encapsulation)

Consent before any procedures (including, but not limited to episiotomy, forceps, vacuum, IV, C-section)

Have the father or other support person accompany baby if baby is required to leave room for any procedures

Refuse use of a pacifier when child is away from mother

Have fetal monitoring done intermittently and externally (this is especially necessary for those mothers that want to move during labor)

Refuse eye gel on your newborn

Refuse internal exams/cervical checks (this also includes during all prenatal appointments)

Use baby products from home instead of those provided by hospital (i.e. for baby’s first bath)

 Move while laboring (and this doesn’t just mean on the bed, you can move around the room or hospital if you think it could progress labor)

Refuse Vitamin K shot for your newborn

Have any evaluations done in the first hour, from mother’s arms so that skin-to-skin (and breastfeeding, if you so choose) can be established.

Hire a doula to be present as an advocate.


*Please remember, these are things you have the right to do, not that I am suggesting you do. Everything above is based on your personal choice. They’re not even all things I’ve requested/refused.

**My thoughts and preferences, as I would assume with any mother, would change based on emergency scenarios. Make educated, wise decisions at all times.






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