The Truth About All-Inclusive


One of the things I love about traveling is exploring a new area. For my husband, that is not the case. When he travels, he wants it to truly be a vacation. He wants to relax. I’ll take a little relaxation, but for me traveling is exploring new lands and people, culture and food! With that being said, we wanted our honeymoon to be relaxing. And that was pretty much it. Hence, we opted for an all-inclusive resort. Because of our differing opinions, however, I had to rethink how to write this blog post. It started as a pro and con list, but really some of my “cons” were his “pros” so I’m basically just going to state information. Here we go:

Many resorts are age 21 and up

This is perfect if you’re booking an anniversary trip or honeymoon, but not so great if you’re traveling as a family with youngsters.


Many all-inclusive resorts offer an array of activities throughout the day and night. While these are super convenient they may also be super crowded.


Many resorts are miles and miles from city centers or other things to do

Many all-inclusive resorts purchase acres and acres of land in order to make for a beautiful, sprawling resort, however, often times this leaves you miles from civilization, if you will. If you’re not interested in stepping outside the resort this would be fine, if you’re hoping to walk to town for dinner or shopping, this would be a downfall.



Past experience I have found excursions that you book through resorts to be marked up a bit. This is also coming from someone who is quite frugal, though! One benefit to the resort booking it though is that they work regularly with those excursion companies so everything typically runs pretty smoothly and they’re able to handle all booking information for you.


Food and drinks are included 

This is probably a given, but definitely something to consider. Do you want to pay once and eat and drink as you please? Or are you fine with booking accommodations and budgeting along the way? Another thing to consider is that if you’re looking for something authentic to that area you may not find it at an all-inclusive resort. Many of the resorts will cater to tourists and unfortunately this means food that won’t be as flavorful as the local cuisine may be.



Many all-inclusive resorts are gated with 24 hour security. You wouldn’t necessarily have this by just booking a hotel stay. In regards to safety, however, all-inclusive resorts are often off the beaten path so stepping outside those gates may not be your best bet. I know with a hotel, I’m looking at the surrounding area as well, so you may ultimately feel safer there.


So with all that being said, should you stay at all-inclusive or not?

It depends on the experience you’re looking for! If you want to pay a price and then relax all week and not worry about much else, all-inclusive is probably the best bet for you! If you’re a frugal traveler and/or someone who also wants to experience the local culture, this may not be your best bet! Do your research! Read LOTS of reviews! And make sure, you read the fine print!!!


Happy travels!




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