Our Most Unexpected Stop on Our Cross-Country Trip


When John and I drove cross country a few years ago much of our trip was unplanned. We had a pretty good idea of our route, but planned our stops/entertainment and overnight stays along the way. (Thank goodness for modern technology) Whenever we reminisce about our trip one thing always come to mind, though – Monument Rocks.  I randomly saw Monument Rocks on a Google search and just knew it’d be nowhere as cool as they made it out to be. I was wrong











Nestled miles from the main interstate, right in the middle of farm land, are giant limestone rocks in all different kinds of awesome formations. It is the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen. Here is this totally flat landscape, yet there are these huge rocks right in the middle of nowhere. Literally. We walked around for close to an hour and mostly just stared in awe. (As well as took a zillion pictures I was barely able to narrow down for this post)





If you are on a trip and are in or near Gove County, Kansas, you should make a stop at Monument Rocks. It is on private land, but  the owners don’t mind people exploring, as long as they treat the formations and area with respect. It was really an awesome thing to see!



Happy traveling!


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9 thoughts on “Our Most Unexpected Stop on Our Cross-Country Trip

  1. Momma To Go says:

    There is def something to be said for the unexpected! How beautiful! I’ve never been out that way… we drove from NY to Fl last month, trying to think of what was our unexpected stop!?!?!?!


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