So How’d Those Goals Go…

I’ll jump right in by saying that I am not overly impressed with how many of my goals I accomplished this year. Looking back I should have written them down/printed them out and made them more of a focus throughout the year. Below I recapped my 2017 goals and how they went and also wrote out goals for 2018. My 2018 goals are a variety of ones I didn’t quite get to this past year, ones that I want to repeat, and some of brand new!




Finish reading the Bible – Sadly, I did not quite finish my Bible reading plan. I fell a few months (ouch) short. This will be my year!

Start serving on a serve team again – Sadly, this also did not happen. I had signed up for one and actually spoke to someone about two weeks before I went back to work in August and I was feeling so overwhelmed at the time that I told her I would be in touch at a later date… which I never was. 


Finish reading the Bible

Start serving on a serve team again

Go all in for Jesus



Take a 5 year anniversary trip with my hubby – We took a long weekend and explored Charleston, South Carolina, a city neither of us had ever been to! 

Establish a recurring date night and stick to it – Nope

Attend a marriage event/conference – Nope


Set a date night and stick to it

Attend a marriage event/conference

Take a husband/wife trip (even if we pretend to be tourists in our own town!)




Put shelves in the half bath – Yes! And I love them! 

Finally finish the office (chair, some sort of shelving) – We rearranged this room, but did not add a chair or shelving. 

New carpet in the guest bedroom – We were in touch with someone that had been recommended by a friend, but after reaching out to them twice and never hearing back, it fell to the wayside. 

Reading nook in the master bedroom – We have a chair now! But it needs a chair cover or to be reupholstered. 

Tile in the master bathroom – We have the tile…

Curtains in the remaining rooms that don’t have them – Nope. I need to find someone to just come do them all. I purchase stuff and then end up returning it – the curtain length doesn’t look right, I don’t like the rod and the curtain together, the finishing hardware doesn’t look the way I want… I love decorating my house, but am definitely not very good at it! (Longest winded answer about curtains ever!)

Picture frames up to date and hung up – Some, but not as many as I have planned. 

Get furniture for the front porch – When my grandmother passed I actually acquired the  patio set she and my grandfather had on their front porch.  It is white wicker and I love it and I love that it was their’s!


Reading nook in office

Reading nook in master bedroom

Tile master bathroom

New carpet for the guest room

Finish collage wall in living room


Kitchen rugs




Do a family date day/night at least once a week – We started movie night as our family date night each week. We’ve only been doing it a little over a month and have missed a few Fridays, but we love it! 

Talk about plans for Baby #2 once Little Miss is potty trained – Little Miss is still not potty-trained…..

But I think the chat needs to happen soon… 😉


Stick to our weekly family date nights

Be more conscious of conversation/emotion in front of our daughter




Take a 5 year anniversary trip with my hubby – We took a long weekend and explored Charleston, South Carolina, a city neither of us had ever been to! 

Take a family trip – We took a weekend trip to Rodanthe while his parents had a house rented down there. I am hoping the three of us can get away for a little trip this upcoming year! 

Take a girls trip – I visited one of my best friends (since elementary school) in Colorado, but I’d love for our whole group of gals to get together! 

Check out 1+ states on my bucket list (this can be incorporated into one of the above trips) – Checked off a new city, but no new states


Take a bucket list trip (I have about a zillion written down; any of those will do)

Visit at least one state I’ve never been to




Find something part-time working with children, preferably in reading –  Well this changed completely! After looking into something part-time for our daughter and then perusing things I would do while she was at school, I applied, on a whim, for an elementary teaching position. I taught before being at stay-at-home mom and it’s what my BS is in! The job was in a brand new school system so I didn’t have high hopes, but I GOT IT and have been back in the classroom since August. 


Continue working with children

Grow blog

Start business





Compete in another half marathon – I competed in the Rock and Roll Half Marathon again. 

Compete in at least three 5k (or longer) races – My friend and I competed in a 4 mile run at Waterside in Norfolk. I think that is the only “short” race I did this year….. 

Practice yoga 2+ a week – Nope! 


Get back into running regularly. Whatever that means! 


Eat healthier with more regular exercise




Host 5-10 bloggers for a series – I hosted the most AMAZING blog series! I invited different women from different walks of my life to share anything that was on their heart. The catch, if you will, to this series was that these women are not bloggers. I loved giving them a platform of sorts, to share their words. 

Update the layout – Haven’t done more than some minor changes

Publish 10+ posts a month – Sadly, I’m lucky to do one a week since going back to work. 

Take a course (online or otherwise) to become more knowledgeable of my camera – Still on my goal list! I did a webinar, but it ended up not being so helpful. Although I do feel that my artistic eye has definitely gotten better in the past year! 


Update the layout of my site

Figure out SEO

Become more knowledgeable with my camera

Have a large site share 1+ posts of mine




Grow Facebook & Twitter to 1,000 followers – They’re both at about 400. I will get there, I know it! 

Become more familiar with Pinterest & StumbleUpon – Pinterest, yes, StumbleUpon, no. 

Grow Instagram to 10,000 followers – Unfortunately, no. 


Honestly, I just want to grow every channel I have. They are so unique in their own ways and I know I reach a different audience (or least different people) with each and I love that! 




Set up a working budget and stick to it – We don’t have a budget per se, but we do track what we are spending more than we have before. And we have one solid-ish number of what our bills are each month

Meal plan weekly & don’t go to the grocery store more than once a week – I have been meal planning, especially since going back to work, and I’m pretty good about going to the grocery store only once a week (mostly because I’m pushing it when it comes to stuff we need, but dang I hate going to the store after work)

Continue tithing every single week – I’m kinda embarrassed to say that we have not done this. 


Know where our money is going (whether it’s tracking it, budgeting, whatever)

Start tithing again

Stop making impulse purchases (even when they’re $1!)




Finish junior and senior year of college scrapbooks – Nope 😦

Make family photo albums – Just upped our digital organization. I am hoping when that’s done, I will be able to pick and choose and print for actual albums. I know it’s the future and all, but I still want to flip through photo albums. 

Find a cleaning schedule that works for us – Found one, loved it, printed it, have never used it….


Organize ALL photos from 2009 to present, digitally

Finish college scrapbooks

Scrapbook, organize, etc. my travel pictures (haven’t quite decided what I want to do)

Make family photo albums

Finallyyyyyyy fill in our daughter’s baby album (her baby books are all complete, but I have totally slacked on the regular ol’ album)

[Okay, forgot this section was “photos” haha]

Start using the cleaning schedule I printed

Have an evening routine set up for quality time, dinner time, bath time, and bedtime.

Walk the dogs more often (I don’t know what is realistic, but I feel like they’d appreciate going out for a walk once in a while, instead of always just being put in the backyard)


As you can see, I have more goals this year than I did last year, and I also have more open-ended goals this year. I don’t really love that because I feel that goals should be more specific so you’re 100% sure what you’re working towards, but I also like that I have options within my goals. I do know I will be checking these frequently because not checking them last year had me not only not accomplishing them, but not even remembering some of the goals I’d set!

Best wishes for the year ahead!


Now tell me, what’s one goal you have for 2018?



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