Our Family Christmas Pictures

This year’s family Christmas pictures are some of my favorite to date! I loved our matching pajamas and then  threw a bunch of props in last minute that really pulled everything together and I’m kind of obsessed, if I’m being honest!

Unfortunately, I am the WORST at procrastinating sometimes… and this was one of those times. The pictures were taken at the beginning of December (yay me), but ordering the cards just kept getting pushed lower on my to-do list. I kept telling myself that I had enough time….

And then all of a sudden it was less than a week before Christmas and I decided to just forget about it and share on social media, because let’s be honest, I’d probably reach more friends and family that way, anyway. I convinced myself that I was good with that, even though sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite things about the holiday.

And then four days before Christmas I freaked out and changed my mind! Hahaha Ms. Indecisive over here, goodness gracious! My only option at that point was somewhere that would do same-day printing so with a Walmart right down the street, I immediately hopped online with every intention of picking them up and sending them by that afternoon. I had my stamps, return labels, and address book ready to go!

I guess I’m not the only one that was working last minute because once my order was complete, it said that my (one-hour) pick-up time was going to be the following morning! {insert gasp}

Everything was going to be fine… I would just get there when they opened and send them first thing that morning. I would have them in the mailbox at the post office, by the time the first postal worker picked up!

And then their machine went down…

And I gave up.

And now it’s the day after Christmas and they still haven’t printed my Christmas cards. Apparently multiple machines in the area went down that same day.

So, Merry Christmas, from the McKinney family, via the Internet, on December 26th! 😉








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