Why Teaching and Parenting is Basically the Same Thing


Enough of my belly-aching about being a working {teacher} mom… here’s my list of why teaching and parenting is basically the same thing.

First of all, they all call you Mom. Kindergartner, 4th grader, your own child? You’re “Mom.”

They work their hearts out on the cutest, unrecognizable art work, that you don’t dare throw away. Ever.

You practically live with your students; you actually live with your child.

You are expected to know where they are at ALL TIMES, even when they’re not in your direct care.

The hours are way earlier than you’d like sometimes

And muchhhhh later than you care for.

Exhaustion. Honestly, what is sleep?

You call them names that aren’t their’s.

You’ve said, “why is this wet?” more than you care to recount. (And still don’t really want to think too hard about the possible answers to that question)

You can’t seem to get away from the snot

Or break free to just go pee!

You almost trip over them because they’re following you around so closely. Wait, I’m sorry, you do trip over them because they’re following you around so closely.

When they poke you in the arm to get your attention, you shudder. (Just me?)

Some days ya just need to turn on a movie to make it through the day.

Your name – Mrs. or Mom – is repeated nonstop until the attention is all their’s.

There is a lot of time spent on the floor

You question whether you’re speaking a foreign language when you say “sit down.”

You are not appreciated nearly as much as you should be, but your heart is more full than you could imagine.

And at the end of the day, you just want them to look back and have good memories, because after all, they’re your kids.


What would you add to the list??





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