11 Carry-On Must Haves for Moms

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Today I’m rounding up a list of goodies I couldn’t have lived without on our trip half way across the country…and some I wish I’d thought of!


As many of you know, back in May my one year old daughter and I flew to Denver, Colorado. This was her first flight and I was traveling with her as a lap child. (Before the age of two many airlines allow you to travel with your child in your lap, opposed to purchasing them their own seat). I made list after list after list of what I needed to have prepared for the stay, for the car rides while we were there, for the flight, heck, even for navigating just in the actual airport!

All and all the flights to and from were mostly a success! One thing that truly didn’t fail me (or get lost!) was my diaper bag/purse/carry-on. I checked and rechecked lists of what I’d have in there because I knew my carry-on would be the lifesaver when it came to keeping my little one entertained!

Here’s what I suggest…

E-reader and case – Let’s be honest! I didn’t read at all on our trip buttttt there are many children that will fall asleep on the flight and if she had this would have been my go-to form of entertainment

Diapers and wipes – This one is pretty obvious, but even if your child is potty-trained, I would still bring the wipes for easy cleanup!

Sanitizer – Because germs

Passport holder (if needed)

Snacks (for both mom and little one!) – I’m not big on buying individually wrapped items since they’re more expensive, but I didn’t know how lenient TSA was going to be about them. Others snacks I would suggest: pouches (especially for take-off if child is no longer nursing/using a bottle), breakfast bars (not the ones that crumble!), dried fruit, crackers

Cell phone – self explanatory

Journal and pen – I always end up needing a pen for something. And I always bring a journal because even though I have a notepad on my phone sometimes you just need paper!

Water bottle – Bring this empty because they’re likely to make you dump it and you’re able to fill it up and bring it on board once you’re past security

Extra toys – Because sometimes the ones they brought just won’t end up cutting it

Document holder – To keep all your travel items together and organized

ID holder – Depending on your location, an ID holder may be a better bet than a wallet because it is compact and makes it easier to quickly grab credit/debit cards and your ID.

And this is a list of things I didn’t bring, but wish I had…

Power bank – I didn’t have to rely on finding a free wall socket. Luckily I remembered to fully charge my phone, but just having this would have given me peace of mind.

Motion sickness bands – My daughter got sick on three of our four flights on descent. I didn’t even think to have this on hand just in case!

And I have never had any problems flying, well, not prior to having my little girl, that is. I got nervous right before boarding the flight though because I realized I didn’t know if this time would be different! (Pregnancy and post-partum do strange things to a woman’s body!)

Travel pillow – I ended up in the middle seat on one of our flights and this really would’ve come in handy!

Hope that helps! Comment if there’s something you think I should add to the list!




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