Baby Shower Gift Guide

The following items were gifted to me from the companies listed. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Last weekend I threw one of my best friend’s a baby shower. While I touched on pretty much every aspect of her party in the post I did about it, I didn’t speak much on the gifts. Why? They need a blog post all their own, obviously! 😉

When I was planning out the gift I had a few things in mind. First of all, this is her third child. While she has most of the items she needs, I still wanted to give those fun, cute first time mom gifts! I also had to consider that she is having a boy. While I’m all for gender neutral things, some patterns just don’t swing one way or the other! And last, but not least, I really like giving many smaller useful gifts, opposed to one large gift. While the large gifts are nice, she also has most of those from her older children. And it’s nice to have all the items in a bin or basket that can be used at a later date.

Ultimately I chose the following items:


Swaddle blanket by Saranoni

Even though seasoned mamas probably have plenty of these from prior babies, I always like to gift crisp, brand new ones! Saranoni has the absolute cutest prints ever; I seriously took way too long shopping around on their site


Camera teether by Silli Chews

A teether is another item, like the swaddle blanket, that just gets plain ol’ worn out. While sanitizing it for the new baby may be a fine option, having a new one is always a nice option as well! And Silli Chews has lots to pick from!


Diaper bag organizing pouches by Mother Load

These bags are a lifesaver! I have a set of my own and they really do end diaper bag chaos! Each bag is labeled with an identifying picture (i.e. toys, food, etc) and has a zipper closure. All mama has to do is reach in and grab which bag she needs!



 3 – in – 1 cover by Modern Foxy

This cover can be used as a nursing cover, shopping cart cover, and car seat cover! I love this striped pattern, but Modern Foxy also has a variety of other beautiful prints. Aside from loving the pattern, I love that it’s such a lightweight, breathable material!

IMG_4862 - Copy.JPG

Soft rattle by Great Pretenders

This rattle is so cute! With a rubber head, cotton body, and full of shaker beads this toy is perfect for babies of all ages. Again, toys and rattles can most definitely be handed down from older siblings, but it’s always nice for each child to have their very own new ones.


Massage cream by Bella B

You can’t ever forget a gift (or five!) that is just for the mama-to-be! Everyone loves giving baby gifts, but mom likes being remembered as well. This massage cream, especially made for the legs and feet, is the perfect little treat for her!


Teething pad and drool bib by Hny Baby

This thing is brilliant! I  constantly had to wash my infant carrier when I had a little one because there were always huge, yucky looking drool marks on it. Well problem solved! These pieces fit on the front & straps of the carrier to prevent that! And it’s reversible!


Diaper bag by Mama Martina

This one is pretty self explanatory! Every woman loves a new bag, especially one as gorgeous as this! Mama Martina bags are so perfect. They have zipper closures, lots of pockets, and are so trendy! They are also lightweight and well made.


After choosing which items the mama-to-be needed, I had a new idea! Instead of putting everything in a bin or basket, the diaper bag could be used as the “basket!” It would house the gifts and be a gift in itself. Perfect!


Diaper bagSwaddleRattle Cream TeetherOrganizing bagsCover Drool pad

Happy shopping!



Baby shower gift guide.jpg

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