Guest Post: Learning Your True Strength

Today the “I Have Something to Say” series continues! If you didn’t read the original intro in the last post, this series is giving women, who don’t blog, the opportunity to share their hearts.

This week’s piece, all about being a military spouse, is by Yazmin Valdez:

As a military spouse, we face many stressful and unexpected situations. What I have learned from these challenges is that they only make us stronger. Four years ago, I married my husband and moved across the country from California to Virginia. Becoming independent was probably one of the greatest attributes that I had to adopt almost instantly.


Shortly after my move, my husband deployed for 5 months to Afghanistan. Although I had a job at the time, I was clueless on how to hold down a household but I somehow managed to do it. I had never taken my vehicle to get an oil change, but I did it. I never had to scrape snow off my car, but I did (worse experience, ever). Everything was so new to me! I was in a new place, new people, new environment and not to mention, we were newlyweds. The responsibilities began to add up and my life quickly changed causing me to feel overwhelmed at times. I knew that by living across the country I could no longer depend on my family for assistance and that I needed to handle these situations on my own.

There were many mistakes that took place along the way as I was going through this new season of life. There were also many, many times when I cried and regretted the move because I felt lonely and not fit. I look back at the moment in time and define these challenges as a “process”. We will go through seasons in life when we are approached with something new that requires us to step out of our comfort zone and that is okay. These challenges help us grow, learn, and become self-sufficient.


Fast forward 4 years later, I am planted in a church and my faith has grown tremendously because I know that I need the Lord’s presence in my life. We purchased our first home and have a precious 23 month old daughter named Anabelle. My husband loves what he does and is planning on retiring from the military and I am okay with that. Change is seen frequently in military families, whether its new orders or deployments that are scheduled for 5 months but gets extended to 6 (happens too often). As a military spouse, I can say that these changes have strengthened ever aspect of my life for the better and it has made me the woman I am today.

Yazmin currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia but is, and will always be a California girl at heart! She moved from her home state in May of 2015 to be with her hubby who serves in the Navy. They have a beautiful soon to be 2 year old daughter named Anabelle and a sweet fur baby named Gracie. Yazmin enjoys running and going on adventures. Although beach trips are not the same as they were before she had my little mini me, she still enjoys them just as much!
You can follow along with Yazmin over on Instagram!

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