Domestic Travel: The Best “Bier” in Charleston – Bay Street Biergarten Review

I was compensated by Bay Street Biergarten with a restaurant gift card in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


My husband, John, and I recently traveled to Charleston to celebrate our five year anniversary! If you read my recap you probably noticed that we did a lot of eating and drinking. We just kept hopping from restaurant to restaurant because everything was so delicious and unique. One place that we particularly enjoyed was Bay Street Biergarten!

Let’s just cut to the chase, we went to 10 restaurants in less than 3 days and Bay Street Biergarten was our favorite! There I said it!

Not only was the food amazing, so was the beer, and so was the atmosphere! Atmosphere is so, so important to us – especially for an anniversary trip without our little one! We wanted to be somewhere that we felt like we could cut loose a little and just have a really great time.

And Bay Street Biergarten was definitely the place for that!


We made dinner reservations just in case, even though it is not required and is recommended for large parties only. (Although we went for dinner, they also serve weekday lunch and Saturday brunch). We arrived early and sat at the indoor bar for our first beer of the night. (There also a fun outdoor bar/seating area, but it was a bit too warm for us!) I love a good beer, but I am a bit picky. The bar tender happily offered my husband and I a sample of the beer we thought we may like. We both loved the samples and chose those as our first drinks.


At about the same time we were finishing our drinks, our table was ready. We were seated and promptly given menus. Our server’s name was Rae and she was great! She was just the right amount of friendly and helpful. I know that sounds silly, but I’m serious. Some servers are either not friendly/helpful at all or they won’t leave your table they’re trying so hard to talk and bring you things. She was wonderful!


We ordered another round of drinks and also ordered the haus made pretzel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t typically think of a pretzel as my appetizer of choice, but boy am I glad we took the server’s recommendation! The warm was warm and doughy and served with smoked haus cheese sauce and lusty monk mustard. I kept trying to pick a favorite between the cheese or mustard, but they were so different, and both perfect.

(Right here would be a great place to insert a picture of the pretzel, but I was too excited to eat it and forgot to take a picture! Whoops! Haha)

As for our main course, John ordered the sage bratwurst with a side of tater tots. (We’d been recommended the tater tots by a friend!) He was a little bummed though because he wanted them “freaky” style (topped with demi-glaze, haus cheese sauce, and green onions, as stated on the appetizer menu). When we mentioned this to the server though, she gladly put in the request.


I ordered the Gobalt because I noticed on the menu because it has been voted “Best BLT in CHS.” Again, this isn’t something I normally order, at least for dinner, but ever since being pregnant I have had a weakness for BLTs and this one not only sounded like the best one ever, it actually was! It is goat cheese mousse, avocado spread, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and smoked bacon loin on artisan bread. My side dish of choice was sweet potato fries, because you just can’t go wrong with sweet potato fries, and I honestly just thought it would compliment the sandwich well.


One really cool thing about Bay Street Biergarten was that they have some tables that have self-serving beer taps right at the table. These tables are for bigger parties, however, so we didn’t have them at our table. This didn’t stop me from taking pictures of the awesomeness though! haha


Everything was delicious and I’m pretty sure neither of us were even able to finish our entire meals! We had a great time and will definitely return to Bay Street Biergarten next time we make our way to Charleston.




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