Guest Post: The Meaning Behind the Ponytail

Today kicks off the I Have Something to Say series! It has been in the making for the last few months and I am so, so excited to share it with you. I reached out to women in my life who fit all that this blog encompasses and beyond. The unique thing about this group of women is that none of them are bloggers. I wanted to give these amazing women an opportunity to have a platform to share their heart and they did just that. I have been blown away by their pieces and I know you’ll enjoy them too! 

So without further to do, Vanessa’s the first one up! Her’s her piece:

To any fellow mothers of daughters this post is for you and her. The bond like no other! 

 My daughter will be two this May and I remember I had hoped she was born with lots of hair. Well that wish came true. Her hair grew fairly quick and I remember I couldn’t wait til’ I was able to style it. 

Well it didn’t take long; she was a year old and here I was standing in the bathroom with her sitting on the sink. She was looking in the mirror and I grabbed a pony tail holder and started to brush her hair. I put it in a little pony tail and she just looked unbelievably cute and I couldn’t resist I hugged her and squeezed her and even shed some tears! It’s just a ponytail right? It’s not, not to me. 


The picture that was taken in that moment

It was that very moment that her entire future as a woman flashed right before my eyes, so to speak. The emotion just poured out of me. I know some of you may think you’re just looking at a ponytail but to me that small innocent ponytail represents the trials she will once face as a woman. Knowing that I her mother just another woman that has and still faces those exact same trials of life brings me a joy that only a mother and a daughter can truly ever understand. 

The thoughts just kept running through. Not the kind like, “I wonder what kind of wedding she’ll have,” but the happiness knowing she will one day “become a woman” when she gets her menstrual cycle and face the same conflicts we as woman can only understand. Or the the thought of her one day carrying her own child and going through child birth. Wow! She’s going to face those same exact contractions we as women face. Isn’t it amazing? She’ll face heartaches and break-ups and fights with other girlfriends that we all faced at one point in time. She’ll face the same emotion we have towards our bodies. She’ll face trying to compete with acceptance. My point is, she’ll face what we all go through as women and I know as her mother I will be ready to conquer each battle with her, small or big, because I too faced each of those battles in my very own way. 


So each time I throw her hair up in a ponytail I shed some tears knowing that she’ll be another woman like me trying to conquer the world. And I hope she knows that I’m right there with her just two woman facing the exact same battles in our very own way. It’s important for us women to stick together and to not put each other down cause we truly are the only ones who can understand our kind! And that’s one lesson I hope she’ll learn and carry on through life, ’cause we all go through it. That’s why girls rule and boys drool, right? 😉 

This post isn’t about girl power it’s about knowing we all face the same things in our very own unique way. So be kind when she’s a teenager because we were there; we did it. Comfort her because the world won’t! She’s your little girl and you’re her first and possibly only true friend that’ll always be there when life gets tough. We are all made with the same emotions. 

Thanks for reading, and to my baby girl, I’m right here with you. 

Love always, your mother just another woman. 


Vanessa is happily married and a mother to her 11 year old son and 2 year old daughter. While being a stay-at-home mom her goal is to raise honest humans. Although she thoroughly enjoys that, she have another goal in life and that is to fulfill her passion of photography, hoping to become a well known family photographer. IMG_8306.JPG




3 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Meaning Behind the Ponytail

  1. Heart Home and Hope says:

    I love this! Such a great idea for a series! And Vanessa, your perspective is beautiful! When I think ahead to my babies’ futures, I sometimes worry and fear too much about the unknowns and the challenges that I know they will face. But your way is better. Lord willing, they will make it – just like we have, and I will aim to be the biggest cheerleader they could ever hope for (or want! 😜) Beautiful!


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