It’s Our Five Year Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since John and I said, “I do.” And almost 10 years since we met one another! Life has been a whirlwind since then and while everything hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies, it’s shaped us into the people we are today and it’s made us think hard about what it means to be a team. We have purchased a home, said goodbye to many family members and a friend, had a daughter, done some pretty cool traveling, become godparents, and celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, babies, and everything in between with our family and closest friends. It’s been a wild ride for sure! Now, we are off to spend a few days away together in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina and I’m so excited for all the quality time (I’d say it was my love language, but I actually got the same score for them all hahaha My husband hates and loves that about me!)

Since it’s a milestone year I thought it would be fun to share our vows. We wrote them ourselves! This is the first time they’ll be shared publicly in written form (and pretty much any form since we didn’t have mics at our wedding haha).

And I can’t share our vows without some of our favorite wedding pictures, right?!

(Photo credit: Jenelle Sewell Lifestyle Photography)








I, John, take you Chelsea to be my wife and my best friend. I promise to walk steadfast by your side. To be there to celebrate the good times and to be your rock through tribulations. I vow to always show you the same unconditional love you have shown me. I promise to try and never overlook the small things and to keep us grounded through the big ones. I vow to always grow stronger with you and with God’s help. To be the best husband, father, spiritual leader, and friend I can be for the rest of our lives. And to always say “I love you!”









I, Chelsea, take you John to be my lawful husband. To be my rock and my strength and I will be the same  to you. I vow to be your shoulder to cry on, but also to be the one to rejoice in your successes. I promise to not only strive to be a wonderful wife, but also to be your partner & best friend in our worldly endeavors. Today I stand here making a promise that no matter what adventures, mishaps, or celebrations life takes us on to stand beside you and support you. I promise to give sorrow and thankfulness to God so that He may be the center of our marriage. Above all I promise to love you and work hard on our relationship every day for the rest o f my life.










Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Want more pictures and the best slideshow ever?! Click here! 🙂




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