We’re Half Way Through 2017 – How Are The Goals Coming?

Happy Monday! This past Saturday was July 1st meaning we are half way through 2017! Can you believe it?! Back in January I wrote a post listing goals I had for the year, so this past weekend I sat down with the list to see how things were going.

I wanted this to be a true judge of where I’m sitting with my goals so I honestly didn’t look at this AT ALL until I was writing an update of where I am now. Looking at the list was a little disheartening because unfortunately I hadn’t done many of the things I’d set out to do! Then I got thinking, I’ve always heard of people who write out blogs posting them somewhere they see everyday – their mirror, at their desk, on the fridge. Well this is the first time I’ve ever made a written list of goals and I didn’t even think to do that! Throughout these past months I have frequently thought of this list but I definitely haven’t referred to it daily.

So without further to do, here is the original list (in italics) and where I am now (in bold).


Finish reading the Bible – I want to read it from cover to cover. I started a while back, but this will be the year I finish it. I’m not quite done, but I have continued working through it. Not as much as I should be though, which I definitely need to get better about. 

Start serving on a serve team again – Before my daughter was born I served every Sunday, helping with offering. Now that she is comfortable in nursery I need to make the time to serve again. I filled out paperwork this past Sunday on this and am waiting to hear back from someone at church. 


Establish a recurring date night and stick to it – We used to have a date night every Wednesday; becoming parents and John’s current job make that much more difficult. We also had gotten a bit lazy about actually finding interesting and different things to do each week. I don’t anticipate this being a weekly thing, since we do have a little one, but we’ve all but stopped having one so we need to bring those back! While I definitely feel like we’ve made more time for one another, we haven’t set up a schedule and stuck to it. We have a sitter now so there’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to work something out!

Attend a marriage event/conference – A couple years ago our church hosted an event for married couples. There was a speaker, lunch, and one-on-one activities. It was a really great bonding experience and I’d love to go to one again. Sadly, just no. We had an event at our church around Valentine’s Day, but we didn’t go. 


Put shelves in the half bath – We have painted, hung pictures, and gotten a new light fixture, toilet paper holder, towel rack, anddddd faucet. We literally just need to hang shelves and the project will be complete! DONE!!!!! And decorated! 

Finally finish the office (chair, some sort of shelfing) – This is a room we’ve really struggling with what to do with. It is just a big square with four windows, but it ends up housing random stuff, yet also has big empty spaces as well. We have a chair, but it was a hand-me-down and it is in bad shape. We need to order a chair cover!

New carpet in the guest bedroom – Thanks for our dog, this needs to be replaced. In the process of doing this! 

Reading nook in the master bedroom – One half of our master bedroom literally has no furniture. We are hoping to add a chair, lamp, and small shelf to create a cozy little area to read or relax. No

Tile in the master bathroom – Part of it is carpeted, need I say more?! No

Curtains in the remaining rooms that don’t have them – I’m tired of just looking at plain, white shades in almost every room. I’ve got to half of one room… 

Picture frames up to date and hung up – self explanatory, and embarrassingly enough this also includes our wedding photos…from almost five years ago! No

Get furniture for the front porch – We have a sweet little porch with white railing and I would love to put some patio furniture or rocking chairs out there. My grandmother passed away back in November and I actually acquired the patio set she and my grandfather had on their front porch. It is white wicker and I love it and I love that it was their’s!


Do a family date day/night at least once a week – This is a really important one as well, especially now that our daughter is at such an impressionable age. We have been MUCH better about this, but we don’t have a specific day it falls on.

Talk about plans for Baby #2 once Little Miss is potty trained – Don’t start harassing me or peppering me with questions just yet 😉 Little Miss may not even be potty-trained this year, but if so we feel like that’s a great time to talk about expanding our family. Potty training hasn’t happened and we’re pretty sure we want to wait until sometime next year to expand our family. 


Take a 5 year anniversary trip with my hubby – I have hopes for a big trip for this one, but finances, time, and arrangements for our little girl will obviously take precedence. Booked last week; we are heading to Charleston!

Take a family trip – We’ve never been on one! My wanderlust heart can’t take it anymore!!!  We took a day trip to Duck, North Carolina recently, but I’m really hoping to take a weekend or even week long trip at the end of the summer/early fall. 

Take a girls trip – Myself and most of my girlfriends turn 30 this year. A girls trip is obviously necessary! Hoping to do this in October!

Check out 1+ states on my bucket list (this can be incorporated into one of the above trips) – I’ve already been to 27, but I’ve got 23 to go… Not yet! I’ve been to a few different states so far this year, but I’ve been to all of them before!


Find something part-time working with children, preferably in reading – I am a former elementary school teacher with a reading specialist endorsement and am starting to miss that part of my life. I love this season of being a mom to a little one, however, and am SO grateful to be able to stay home with her, so that is why I only want something part-time.  This one is a bit tricky! Yes, I did do some part-time work and with children and in reading, but it was a short-term thing as I was only asked to help with remedial tutoring for state testing. I also may be changing this goal a bit…stay tuned!


Compete in another half marathon – I haven’t decided if I want to do the Rock & Roll Half again or try a new one! Maybe I’ll do more than one 😉 I am not officially signed up for anything yet, but have been training for the upcoming Rock & Rock and am planning on doing a second one that same month or one the following month. I am also training to run my first marathon in November!

Compete in at least three 5k (or longer) races – I love the adrenaline, happiness, and just plain FUN that surrounds organized races. I didn’t do many in 2016 and I missed it terribly! Unfortunately, I haven’t done any so far this year! I had two planned last month that fell through, but I have two more that are coming up this month!

Practice yoga 2+ a week – Yoga is something I’ve always wanted to do and when I was pregnant I did it almost everyday. I think it helps my overall demeanor and quite frankly my labor, overall. I haven’t taken the time to commit to it since she’s been born and I’d love to! Not even a little bit! And I really need to! It’s great for runners!


Host 5-10 bloggers for a series – I have always so enjoyed guest posting on other people’s blogs and love the connections you make so I’d love to host my own. In the works!

Update the layout – This page needs a face lift and some housekeeping touches I have done a few minor updates, but want to do much more! 

Publish 10+ posts a month – I don’t necessarily want to post on the same days every week, but I do want to publish posts more regularly than I have in the past. I thought I was doing pretty good on this goal, but apparently not so much! January was the closest I ever got to ten, but only published 9 pieces. 

Take a course (online or otherwise) to become more knowledgeable of my camera – We have a Canon and I know I could do some great things with it if I knew what the heck I was doing! Yes! I attended a webinar a couple weeks ago that was hosted by professional photographer. I definitely need something more than that, but it I did get a few greats tips out of it! 


Grow Facebook & Twitter to 1,000 followers – self explanatory Not there yet!

Become more familiar with Pinterest & StumbleUpon – I’ve heard these are great for sharing blog posts so I would love to use them more often. I have been using Pinterest much more, but I still haven’t taken the time to get familiar with StumbleUpon. 

Grow Instagram to 10,000 followers – self explanatory Not yet! 


Set up a working budget and stick to it – This is something that we haven’t stuck to in the past and I think it’s really important. This is something we’ve struggled with for years and still haven’t figured out. My husband’s job is 100% commission so we literally never have any idea what our week to week is going to look like. 

Meal plan weekly & don’t go to the grocery store more than once a week – I have found myself spending more money than necessary due to sporadic grocery store trips. I am going to take the time to meal plan, really figure out what need to be purchased, and make a weekly trip. I can’t say, “yes, I’ve completely and totally stuck to this,” but I have done pretty darn good! 

Continue tithing every single week – This is something I have faith in and starting in December 2016 we did it every week. We will continue doing so in 2017. YES! 


Finish junior and senior year of college scrapbooks – Yes, I’m that behind! Nope, haven’t touched a scrapbook in months!

Make family photo albums – I know I have digital copies of pretty much everything, but I just love sitting around flipping through actual pictures I started to organize our digital files, but never got far enough to start making the albums! 

Find a cleaning schedule that works for us – Another thing we do sporadically in this house is clean. We do some things more than others, some things are forgotten, and we forget when what was done. I have had friends recommend an actual cleaning schedule and then you do a few things a day, week, or month, and it doesn’t become one overwhelming task.  This should have been one of the easier goals on here since there are cleaning schedules all over Pinterest, but no, I haven’t done this one. Hopping on Pinterest right now….


Do you write down your goals? Are you working on any of the same goals as me?



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