The Cutest {At Home} Daddy/Daughter Date

I received the item mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review. 

Last weekend I surprised my daughter and my husband, John with surprises “from one another.” She had an early Father’s Day present for him (…that I obviously picked out; I just couldn’t wait any longer!) and I had set up a tea party and park time for them to spend some quality time together.

Oh my goodness, you guys! It was even cuter than  I imagined it would be! First up, they had a tea party and that’s when Little Miss gave John his surprise, a JORD watch. And then they shared some tea and cakes afterwards.






He works really hard and they don’t get much time together during the week or weekends. He is typically off for two days, every twelve days so every second they get together is very special. Their time together is beautiful and I thought, “what better way to remember all their special times together than with a watch!”

When getting his watch I chose to go through JORD because I had gotten him a watch from them before and I was impressed! Their watches are unique, classy, and beautifully crafted! And I love that his is formal enough to be dressed up, but casual enough to wear everyday.


After their tea party they headed to the park, walked around, and then headed back. (Unfortunately the park in our neighborhood doesn’t have a playground!)



Hugs for Daddy!





Worn out from a great day…time to head home…

Aside from having a tea party or going to the park, there’s lots of things that would make a daddy/daughter date perfect! Here’s a few ideas:

Go out for frozen yogurt/icecream

Go see a kid-friendly movie

Go to the children’s museum or zoo

Have a picnic

Attend a kid’s paint night

…or paint pottery

Go to a carnival or fair

Dance together (whether it’s a class or one you make up in the living room)

Send her on a scavenger hunt

As you can see, these are all kid-centered. That’s why it’s a nice touch to be able to include a gift for Daddy! Of course, we were fortunate enough, thanks to JORD, to be able to give Daddy a really nice gift, but something like a homemade card or handprint art would be just as nice!

Now it’s time for you to plan a perfect day for someone special in your life – whether it’s a daddy/daughter date or something else! I can kick start that for you with an awesome giveaway!

JORD has been amazing enough to let me offer my readers the chance to win A FREE CONWAY WATCH! Click here to enter! (All they need is your name and email!)

And no worries, if you don’t win the watch, YOU STILL WIN a $25 gift card code!!!!

This giveaway ends on 6/4/17!

And for those are you who are just too impatient to wait to hear the giveway results,  here’s a 15% OFF CODE: andtheuscsx6

Shop John’s watch here, the men’s collection here or the women’s collection here.

Best of luck!!!!




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