Valentine’s Day Brunch & Play Date

I had the most wonderful weekend!!!! And I hope you did too!


Items mentioned in this post were provided by Oriental Trading. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are 100% my own. 

My sweet girl and I co-hosted a Galentine’s Day Brunch and Play Date and it was pretty much the best thing ever. I’m sure you’re not suprised since I’m so holiday obsessed! My mama friends brought their kiddos over and we did crafts, ate brunch (mimosas included), and had a photo booth. And then while the kiddos continued playing the moms took part in adult conversation!!!!! Unheard of, right?! Hahah


Seriously though it was such a beautiful day, filled with love – exactly what I’d wanted! Everything turned out perfectly and I couldn’t have done without the help of Oriental Trading! I don’t know if you’ve ever ordered from them before but there’s not many events in my life that Oriental Trading hasn’t played some part in. (I even ordered things from them for my wedding!)


Lots of yummy goodness!


The kids had their own side of the table. Thank goodness for the disposable tablecloth that helped keep the mess stress level low! Haha



Oriental Trading has the cutest crafts and crafts supplies as well! For this particular party the kids made necklaces for their moms and colored/put together boxes to hold their valentines! (Both of which could totally be used for any event!)


I can’t wait to proudly wear my necklace! (cue the tears)


And oh my goodness, the CUTEST valentines! The kids moms were each asked to bring non-candy valentines and the kids handed them out to one another and put them in their decorated box. The cuteness almost killed me y’all!



And then last, but not least, each of the children left with a plush rose as a party favor.


Even though the roses are a bit more Valentine’s themed of course, I was so torn when I initially ordered because all of their plush products are so dang adorable!



Until next year my loves!!!!

Have you ever ordered any party supplies or other goodies from Oriental Trading? What was it for?



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