Blogging…What I Have to Say, One Year Later

I’ve been blogging for ONE YEAR! Whaaaaaaa?!

Before I say anything else, I want to say, THANK YOU! I am continually humbled by your kind words, support, shares, pin, likes, any and everything! No matter how big, every single thing means more to me than I could EVER say!


Aside from thanking you lovely people, I wanted to use this post to do three other things!

I want to share the link from my original welcome post, I  want to share the link to the number one most popular post from this past year, and I want to share the 6 things this past year has taught me! So here it goes….

  • Click HERE for the link to the my welcome post!
  • Click HERE for the most popular blog post from this past year!
  • That paragraph up there should probably say “the 28,491 things this past year has taught me” instead of “6” but nonetheless here’s what I’ve learned:

Sharing really does mean caring

Since I am a blogger, I support other bloggers. When I read something of their’s I connect with, I share it. When I see a DIY project I think is cool, I pin it. If I come across something on Twitter that I think is neat, I retweet it. Pretty much every blogger you could talk to would you tell you that they want their words to reach as far and wide as possible. The least I can do as a fellow blogger is share their hard work.

I am so grateful for social media

While we’re talking about sharing, let’s jump right in and talk about social media! Social media is something I am more grateful for than ever. Staying in touch with family and friends has always been important to me and when MySpace and then Facebook came along I just loved how easy it was to keep up with my bestest friends that were at different colleges than me! Well now social media has grown even more with things like Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, being some of the most popular. I am so grateful to these platforms because they allow me to share and promote my blog to the masses. It also allows me to connect with readers and other bloggers on a deeper level.

Blogging is not easy

Please do not read that as, “Blogging is not fun.” It is SO fun! I have big plans for this blog so when it comes to making blog posts, many of them took hours, between, taking and editing photographs, writing the post, coming up with a title. I want it to look presentable. I also like to make true connections with my readers. If they write me, whether on here or on some form of social media, I make every attempt to respond. Their time is just as precious as mine. And since I have big plans, I take blog promotion seriously and even when you may just see a simple Facebook share or Instagram post, a lot of thought went into it. Like I said, that doesn’t mean that having this blog isn’t fun. I have a BLAST working on this blog of mine. That’s exactly why I’m able to put so much time and effort into it!

People don’t always like sponsored posts

With blogging, especially when promoted on social media platforms, you will have companies and small shops reach out to you. They are looking for you to be a social media influencer and help promote their product. They do this because statistics have shown that the typical person will be more likely to purchase a product after seeing it promoted by a blogger than from an ad, commerical, etc from the company, even if it is endorsed by a celebrity. With that comes free product in exchange for a review, and that makes people uncomfortable for some reason. I had a woman literally write to me and tell me I was fake because I got “free stuff” to blog. First of all, since when does getting something for free mean I’m being fake?? Anyway, I digress. Please just know that I will NEVER become a blogger that only posts about products. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I know they’re working hard, it is just not something I am passionate about. Please also know that when you do see a sponsored post or product review on my blog, it is ALWAYS something I truly support and something I think my readers would love and find useful.

I know close to nothing about technology

I giggle with this one, but if I’m being honest it’s been one of my only frustrations with having a blog. Intelligence when it comes to technology just truly doesn’t come naturally to me. (That sentence didn’t even come out naturally haha) I try to play around with my site, but I really don’t take the time I need to. The technology side of having a blog was not one I thought about and quite frankly, one I didn’t care to learn about. I now see all the awesome things I can do with this space so that makes me want to experiment more on here, but I definitely need to make more time for that side of it!

People support you when you’re “real.”

There are many things I’ve worried over and been stressed about or felt singled out by. Particularly since becoming a mother. Being a writer, many times these thoughts and feelings come out in the form of a blog post. Even after typing it though, you still have that wondering of whether you’re the only one. Time and time again I’ve found that when I just put on my big girl panties and hit “publish” I immediately am met with so much support. It also has shown me that others may have had that “I’m the only one” type feeling and by me publishing that particular post it made them feel so much better. It’s really a beautiful thing.

Alright y’all! That’s a wrap! (oh my gosh, I got a little teary eyed typing that)

Again, thank you SO much for all your support this past year! I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for every single one of you that’s ever read even one blog post.

Here’s to an even bigger, better year! Watch out!!! 😉


(I have a reader survey coming later in the week, I’d love for you to check back in and fill it out! Thank you, in advance!)


8 thoughts on “Blogging…What I Have to Say, One Year Later

  1. purejoyfromme says:

    Happy Anniversary Chelsea! What a great read…I love your realism and honestly your words and thoughts were so encouraging to hear! ❤️


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