Happy 3rd House-iversary!

Three years ago today we bought a house! It is our first home ever and the home we brought our baby girl home to so it will ALWAYS be special. Honestly, there are many, many changes we’d like to make. Well, many changes we have made, but many more on the list! Some will get done and some we don’t want to put the money and time into because we know this isn’t our forever home. For now though, it is absolutely perfect and I will forever be proud because it’s our’s. 

Per my request, my sweet dad did a little photo shoot for us and I think they turned out great!

Here are a few of my faves:







6 thoughts on “Happy 3rd House-iversary!

  1. nbanuelosblog says:

    OMG I love this! The last photo is my favorite!! LOL If we ever sell this house and buy another we are so going to do a photo shoot like this. lol Happy house-iversary!


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