Say Hello to Easy Weeknight Dinners

This post has been sponsored by HelloFresh. All thoughts & opinions are 100% my own.

If you have followed my blog pretty much ever you know that I am no chef. Actually let me rephrase that, I will NEVER be a chef! Or so we thought…”we” being my hubby and I. He must actually just love me! Believe me, it’s not the cooking!

Well all that was true until a couple weeks ago when we tried HelloFresh. They offered to send three meals for the week and it may be the quickest email I ever responded to! I’m desperate here guys! Something’s gonna give when it comes to this housewife with a meal on the table thing.


I was so excited to get the box and immediately tore into it when it arrived. I am a bit obsessive compulsive, but everything was packed PERFECTLY. There was dry ice on the bottom, all the frozen meats that would be included in the meal, a cardboard separator, and then three labeled box with all the ingredients I’d need for each individual meal. And all of it was in a cooler bag, inside a cardboard box. Great packaging, I wasn’t worried that anything had gone bad! (And that’s saying something since I’m a little obsessive compulsive with that as well)


The three recipes I chose, as you can see in the picture, were a chicken & orzo dish, a steak & potatoes dish, and a pork chop in creamy mushroom sauce dish. Each of the ones I chose came with a meat, a starch, and veggies. They also each come with step-by-step directions (and step-by-step pictures!) to help you along the way. For the most part, everything is also already measured out. You just have to do some of the chopping…easy enough!


Another thing I loved about HelloFresh is that all of their recipes were short and simple. The longest start to finish time, of all three meals, was 35 minutes! Now I can deal with that on a busy weeknight!

I also love how fancy all the recipes look at the end! Again, that’s saying something for me who never has a beautiful meal presentation. It really is the meal combinations they have that compliment each other so well.

Here is the delectable picture of my plate the night we made the Upgraded Steak and Potatoes. It was seriously one of the best meals I have EVER eaten!


On their website they always have completely free recipes too, which is so, so helpful! I can go back and look up the yummy recipes I tried out or scope out some recipes I want to try.

AND if you visit the HelloFresh website right now you can get $15 OFF your first box!!!! Which in some cases is like a 50% discount!

Bon apetit!

Don’t forget to come back and let me know which meals you ordered!





7 thoughts on “Say Hello to Easy Weeknight Dinners

  1. Erika Ortega says:

    I loved hello fresh. It was so easy that even I managed to do it alone with no help! And let me tell you my husband does most of the cooking in our home.

    Also your meal looks delicious and fresh! I’m sure it tasted just as good just by looking at the photos 🙂


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