Our Sweet Girl’s First Snow Day EVER!

As we sitting here waiting for an impending snow storm, I can’t help but think back to our sweet girl’s first snow last year! People up North would probably laugh at the teeny bit we had, but hey, it’s a good amount for Virginia. (Hence, why everyone is freaking out about us possibly getting 16+ inches tomorrow!)

Anyway, here’s a few photos we took last year (2016) after bundling her in THE cutest little bear suit. We were only outside for about five minutes but we obviously HAD to document it!


IMG_9930 - Copy.JPG





Can’t wait to take some updated pics! Just need a little bit of snow for that… 😉

Seriously though wherever you are, be safe out there!!!




2 thoughts on “Our Sweet Girl’s First Snow Day EVER!

  1. heart, home and hope says:

    She is seriously the cutest little bear! I wish I could bundle mine up but it doesn’t work well when living in Florida! Lol 😂


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