Baby’s First Icecream

I don’t know what has made me so nervous about Little Miss trying icecream for the first time, but she finally did it!

img_2613Thank you to Halo Top Creamery for sponsoring this blog post. 

It was my mom’s birthday about a week or so ago, so what better time to try icecream for the first time, right?!

Besides the obvious, I purchased birthday cake flavor because the packaging made me think of a certain cake we’d make for EVERYONE on their birthday that was white cake with sprinkles in the batter! Yum! Any of my college besties reading right now?!  You know what I’m talking about!


Little Miss knew something yummy was coming from the second I pulled it out of the freezer! She knows that anything that comes out of that big silver box in the corner of the kitchen is something she can eat or drink! And this girl is a fan of food!


She was actually getting a bit sassy in this picture because she couldn’t figure out how to get the top off and was upset that banging her spoon against the top wasn’t helping.


Mommy to the rescue! But wait….why is it cold? And solid?

And then came the first bite…



“I think I like this stuff…”




Those eyes! Haha She was lovin’ it!


And then I remembered her bib…just in time for the last bite! Oops!




Thanks again to Halo Top!

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