Thoughtful Holiday Gifts on a Budget!

This post is being sponsored by Groupon.
All thoughts & opinions here are 100% my own.

Okay y’all! I have the best holiday gift idea ever. You can thank me later. 😉

I am one of those people that always wants the perfect gift, but never quite knows what to buy! A few years ago I started shopping a bit differently and boy has it made for some big smiles come Christmas morning! I have purchased a golf outing for my husband, a horse-back ride on the beach for my mom, and one year my best friend and I both purchased Paint Nite tickets for our moms so we could do a mother/daughter double date night! Believe it or not, these awesome things were all purchased through Groupon!


I find myself searching for gifts there often because being able to buy someone an experience is truly a unique gift. And how cool is it that they’ll be creating memories for a lifetime through a gift YOU gave?!

Besides that, let’s be honest, the deals are great! If you’ve known me for at least five minutes you know that I am NOT about to spend full price on something! Enter Groupon! Sidenote, they also let you sort your search by clicking “low to high” when it comes to pricing. (Please tell me I’m not the only one that does that!)

And last, but most certainly not least, I loveeeee shopping for gifts, but I’m either 1. Getting too old for the lines in the malls and whatnot OR  2. Live in a area too populated by people and stores to make sense of getting into the chaos.


Okay, so maybe both of those reasons make me sound like the Grinch, but I promise I’m not. I would just much rather do all  a lot of my shopping from the comfort of my home (insert, yoga pants and snacks). Hello online shopping!

Groupon is a app and website that offers deals on a variety of products, services, and experiences. It is easy to use and there are no membership fees. It truly has helped me find unique and special gifts.

Best of luck with your shopping!

Have you ever used Groupon for gift giving before? What did you buy?

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10 thoughts on “Thoughtful Holiday Gifts on a Budget!

  1. coppeliamarie says:

    YES!!! I totally agree! A year or two ago, I got my dad tickets to a classical music concert that was like a dream present for him! I agree those are the coolest gifts. Plus, he had the extra benefit of looking forward to the event because it was a few months after Christmas! So when he finally went to the concert it was like Christmas all over again!


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