Must Have Monday’s

Must Have Mondays – Issue 9

Thanks for joining me for another round-up of my favorites, or as stated above, “must-haves!”

I missed last week due to the craziness of packing to go out of town with a tiny human, but I am back this week! And to keep the schedule straight will post again next week!

I said all that to say….if you’re new to Must Have Monday’s this week, this is a bi-weekly round up on a favorite recipe, blog/blogger, and product of mine! I hope you fall just in love with all three as I have! Let me know what you think & have a wonderfulllll Monday!

This week’s recipe is Cinnamon Apple Quinoa by Simply Quinoa


Photo courtesy of Alyssa Rimmer

When I kicked processed foods and started clean eating a couple summers ago I really began experimenting with quinoa. I quickly fell in love with it and just how versatile it is to cook with. Ever since then we eat quinoa multiple times a week, and I constantly trying to find new and creative ways to eat it and use it for more than just dinner dishes. Enter Alyssa’s quinoa recipe blog! Yes!!!! A blog devoted to the health of quinoa and a ton of wonderful recipes to make using it. One in particular I love and make frequently is the apple cinnamon breakfast recipe. It is so easy to make and it so yummy! And for a snacker like me, one of the best parts is that it’s filling! I am a lover of all things breakfast and you may think it sounds silly, but on days when I eat this it truly makes me feel like I’m start my day off on the right foot!

This week’s blogger is Abbie Ginther of Grumbling Grace


Photo courtesy of Abbie Ginther

I truly don’t even know where to begin with my love for this gal! We connected back in March (I remember specifically because it was on St. Patrick’s Day hahah) and stay in touch pretty much regularly via good ol’ social media! She is a FANTASTIC blogger. Her blog posts have made me cry and her blog posts have made me laugh hysterically! Does it really get any better than that? She does a lot of blogging about faith and motherhood, two things that come before pretty much everything else in her life, so I connect with her on so many levels. Her writing is true and beautiful and her posts are always ones I’m sure to read from top to bottom. I also secretly want to hang out with her in real life. I guarantee we wouldn’t run short in things to talk about! Hahaha

This week’s product is the Hny Baby sippy strap

These products are genius!!!! If you’re a mom and reading this you know just how hard it is to keep anything and everything that involves your child CLEAN! Including said child. Kids are just downright messy! They smear things all over themselves and everything around them, they have so many bodily fluids (tmi? haha), and they just loveeeee to drop things on the floor! Now let’s be honest if I clean my own house and still don’t think that floors the cleanest, you can bet I don’t trust the floors of the restaurants and grocery stores we frequest. Insert the sippy strap and toy along by Hny Baby! My favorite place for the sippy strap is on the highchair and the cart. My favorite place for the toy along is on my jogging stroller. It is a strap that secures around the sippy cup or toy and then clips to pretty much whatever you want. If the child drops (or throws!) the cup or toy it will dangle from the strap and not hit the ground/floor. Win, win, win, win, win!


I received the mentioned item in this post, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

6 thoughts on “Must Have Monday’s

  1. Stephanie Gilbert says:

    Abbie Ginther is one of my favorite bloggers too! She is super talented….I might want to be her when I grow up lol! That sippy strap is genius…I needed that with all 3 of my babies…all the great inventions have come too late for me!


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