Things I Accomplished This Week

– I took two showers. (Yes, the title is “Things I Accomplished This WEEK) #momlife

– I spilled an entire bowl of cereal seconds after pouring the milk in.

– I committed to going to the gym and showed up with my daughter to childcare on their 4 hour break time.

– Forgot to put even a single DIAPER in the DIAPER bag. Rest assured, this is the THIRD time I’ve done this recently. And don’t worry, I remembered wipes, a change of clothes, a changing pad, and even little deodorized bags for particularly stinky diapers, but nope, no diapers.

– Left the grocery store without the one item I went in for (seriously, why does this always happen?)

– Unintentionally skipped two days of my birth control pills (stay tuned for an exciting blog post in about a month or so….kidding!)

– Ran a bowl through the dishwasher three times because it didn’t come out clean the first time.

– Lost track of time in Target

– Ran a load of laundry with zero soap in it. Realized when they were half done drying… let’s just say I don’t think they were that dirty to begin with…

– Got tears in my eyes when I realized we didn’t have a bottle of wine for me to crack open…I wish I was kidding.

– Did my makeup in the car, five out of five days.

– Ran a couple miles at a nearby park and was feeling quite proud only to realize once I got home that my breast pad was hanging half way out of my sports bra…for who knows how long

– Ate a donut while shopping

– Wrote an email to a manager to tell her about one of her team member’s exceptional customer service and failed to get the lady’s name. The email went something like… “SHE was fabulous. SHE was so helpful.” I’m praying she doesn’t reply and asked who “she” is!

– Successfully fought the urge to get out of my car and punch a lady that almost side swiped me (Too intense? Sorry! My kid was in the car yo!)

– Went to the grocery store three different days, and twice on one particular day.

– Made a list halfway through the week because I could tell the chances of me getting my life together weren’t looking good… I figured I’d at least use it to my advantage and make a blog post out of it for your enjoyment! And because we might as well laugh at ourselves, right?!




8 thoughts on “Things I Accomplished This Week

  1. Ryan says:

    I love everything about this post and can so relate to a lot of it. Being a mom is definitely learning to embrace the embarrassing and defeating moments at times.


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