Must Have Monday’s

Must Have Mondays – Issue 8

Phew! Life has been crazy busy lately!!! I’m starting to feel like the October/fall activities are what really kicks off the “holiday season.” Fun fun fun! But busy busy busy! Anyway, it’s Mondayyyyy so that means my Must Have Monday’s must go on! Yay!

If you’ve never checked out one of these posts in the past it is a short & simple post with three things I ADORE! I always choose a recipe, a blog/blogger, and a product that I’m swooning over and it’s always something tried and true or I wouldn’t be willing to feature it!

Some without ado, here’s this week’s Must Have Monday’s

This week’s recipe is Tuscan Chicken Skillet by The Wanderlust Kitchen

tuscan chicken skillet.jpg

Photo courtesy of The Wanderlust Kitchen

Okay can we just salivate at this picture alone??! Too much? Haha Seriously though, I am the WORST in the kitchen and this dish ended up being just as yummy and juicy looking at that picture! The sundried tomatoes, the beans, and the mushrooms just taste so yummy together and chicken is almost always my meat of choice when I cook. It’s an easy thing to do so many different things with! To make it fancy, pair it with a glass of white wine. Or to make it a typical weekday in my house, pair it with a glass of white wine, put it in a bowl,  and sit on the couch. It’s a one dish meal so serving and cleaning up is quick and easy. Yes, one dish my friends, that alone is enough to persuade to make it!

The week’s blogger is Annie Rothe of Simply Annie


Photo courtesy of Annie Roth

I don’t know if it’s that she’s super sweet or it’s because she’s one of the first gals I met when I started this blogging journey or that’s she’s a mama to a little girl whose close to my daughter’s age or that she too has two fur baby dogs that have her heart or that I could read her posts all day long, but I just love this gal and her incredible blog. Annie is relateable, easy to talk to, and has a heart of gold. She blogs about motherhood and life in general and has some awesome DIY projects! She also shares many motivational things – whether it be a sweet blog post or a quote, you’re sure to leave her blog feeling inspired and with a smile on your face.

This week’s product is SoapSox


The first time I saw this product I thought, “how cute!” Since receiving Ava the dolphin (yes, SoapSox has a name for each of the characters! Love!) I have learned that this product is not only cute, but just a really great invention for bath time. You “feed” the stuffed animal liquid soap or a bar of soap and it lathers throughout. You can then use the stuffed animal, with its soft terry cloth exterior, to wash your baby or kiddo as you would with a wash cloth, just in a much more fun and adorable way! And if your child is like mine and wants to play with it when it not bath time, it’s machine washable! (Since becoming a mother anything machine washable is my best friend, anyone else??) This thing is fun to use and super cute! And let’s be honest, my child is great at having a meltdown because the toy she is currently playing with can’t go in the bath, enter SoapSox! “From play time to bath time!”


I received the mentioned item in this post in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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