The Top 5 Teething Toys

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As a pregnant mama I remember picking out a handful of cute little teething toys and scanning them to my registry and never thinking about them again.

That was until we were in the deep, dark trenches of teething.


I don’t know why it must hurt so badly, but boy does it stink to see your little one in so much pain! I never truly knew how helpful a teething toy could be until I found one I loved. Over time I have found what soothes her achy mouth the best and have gotten more along the way, but boy do  I wish I’d had these in my arsenal to begin with.

The following are our top 5 favorite teething toys:


Bright Starts – Pretty in Pink Teether

There’s something about that circle shape that just works so well when it comes to baby teethers. Again, this teether is so easy for my little one to hold. This one also gets put in the freezer to make teething pain a little more manageable. The little shapes around the ring twist freely, while staying put so they are easily manipulated by baby’s mouth. There are also many different shapes so they soothe different parts of the mouth differently.


Dr. Brown’s – Coolees Watermelon Teether

I registered for this teething ring when I pregnant, because, wait for it, it was CUTE! Thank goodness it actually works! This is the first frozen teether my little one ever used. It is easy to hold and its shape allows your baby to position it right where the nagging pain is coming from.


Sassy – Grapes Terry Teether

By the time my little one’s second tooth was starting to come in, she’d showed US what felt awesome to those sore gums – sucking on a washcloth. We couldn’t keep it away from her during bath time and if I was folding laundry they’d all disappear. On nights when the teething monster was really rearing its head I’d even get a washcloth and wet it with ice cold water to help soothe her. Then one day I saw this in the store! Ta-da! No more messy washcloth. I immediately bought it knowing she’d love it  -and she did. You wet it and actually freeze it (I was worried it would be rock hard once you freeze it, but it’s not). They have other terry teethers but I was a particular fan of the little “grapes” sticking off this one to help get in specific places that are aching.


sillichews – Donut 

This is such a great teether. I may be a little biased since it’s shaped like a donut, but we won’t focus on that for long! Haha Seriously though, this teether is awesome! The shape of it makes it so, so easy for my daughter to hold. It also is both firm and ever so flexible so it stays in place just so, as she holds it in her mouth. The back side of the donut has teeny little nubs  on it that also helps soothe. And lastly, but definitely not least it is BPA free and made of food grade silicone. Now that’s something that this mama can get down with!


Nuby – Wacky Teething Ring

This is our most recent teething ring and we LOVE it! We were visiting friends about a month ago and my daughter stole this from her little friend. Thankfully, our wonderful friends mailed her her own brand spanking new one for her birthday. Something about the little nubs on that green part just seem like it really soothes, plus she loves the crinkle noise the fabric part makes.

I hope this post helps you find a teether (or five!) that work perfectly for your little one! Best of luck mama’s (and daddys!)




I received one of the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

16 thoughts on “The Top 5 Teething Toys

  1. fawnrosenbohm says:

    Great post. I have baby number three on the way and its been so long since I have been in the teething stage so this was helpful.


  2. Rosie says:

    Love these! Our little guy has 6 teeth and has been on a teething “break” the last couple of months (hallelujah), but it seems to be coming back full force lately and it’s nice to see what has worked for other littles. I especially like the terry cloth grapes!


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