Why I’ve Stopped Apologizing

This is going to be a short and sweet, but I feel like someone needs to hear it. I wrote it a while ago but it’s been sitting in my drafts folder. Something is pulling at my heartstrings tonight to share it. Hopefully God’s laid it on my heart and I’ll inspire someone. Or maybe I just need to remind myself? Whatever it may be, it’s on my heart, so here you go!

Stop apologizing when you don’t know something.

Yes, you read that correctly. Maybe you’re guilty like I am/was. So many times I’ve said, “I’m sorry but can you explain such and such” or “I’m sorry, I don’t know how that works.” You don’t have to apologize for not knowing something! I proudly embraced this when I began my blogging journey almost 8 months ago, but I’ve noticed lately that I’m slipping. I want to embrace learning new things. If I can help someone I don’t want them to feel that they need to preface their question, request, etc. with, “I’m sorry.” And I would hope that someone I’m asking for help from would feel the same way. No one should ever feel discouraged to ask a question about something they’re unsure of.

You’re not weak for not knowing the answer, you’re strong for boldly asking!

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