I Was a Bad Mom Today

I was a bad mom today. Today was just one of those days where you stop, sigh, and think man I feel defeated. Maybe it was the rain that caused us to cancel plans or maybe it was that I didn’t sleep well, or maybe I just woke up cranky. Whatever it was, I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING. It all felt so burdensome. I just wanted a day off from my life – no responsibilities, I didn’t even want to take a shower. If I still worked outside the home there’s a good chance I would have called in sick today. And Adalynn wasn’t in a good mood either. She is weaning, teething, and I think she may be getting sick. Based on that list I think she was much more qualified to have a bad day than I was.

But did I accept that from her though? Nope! I just kept getting so annoyed! Why couldn’t she just sit there quietly (and in one place) and play while I caught up on emails, sorted dirty clothes, and made a grocery list. And she only took two short naps today as well.

Didn’t she understand I was busy?

Of course not!!!!!

She is (almost) 13 months old.

My husband typically calls me for a few minutes in between appointments to let me know which city he’s in and how his schedule is unfolding for the day. On his third call I answered in a less than pleasant tone, as I had each time he’d called, and he said, sincerely, “I’m sorry you’re having a rough day.”

It stopped me in my tracks. I wasn’t even having a bad day. I couldn’t even think of anything to complain about. Except maybe Adalynn’s bad mood, but what kind of mother was I?? I couldn’t complain about her bad mood when here I was her mother and in a bad mood myself.

When I got off the phone I looked at that sweet girl of mine – man, she’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I started dancing around the kitchen while making dinner and she laughed and laughed and laughed. And my eyes filled up and my heart swelled. I thought back on the day and realized that I had forgotten some really amazing things that had happened today. Hubby and I are pretty sure Adalynn said her first word today – she points at our dogs or at pictures of dogs in her story books and says, “Dawwww.” It’s awesome! She also learned to put her hands on either side of her head when I ask her where her head is. Cutest thing ever! Her and I were awake and home this morning when Daddy left for work so we went on the porch and blew him lots of kisses. I could watch her blow kisses all day (although I need to teach her to stop doing it to strangers). She has mastered “more” in sign language and walked up to a package of food she wanted in the pantry and continually signed “more” because I think she was expecting the package to open for her. Hilarious. She laughed hysterically when it was time to feed the dogs their dinner because we chased them all around the house before stopping at their food bowls. I love her love for our dogs.

You see, when I took just a second to actually think back on the day it was actually a pretty magnificent day. And maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t as bad a mom today as I thought I was.

10 thoughts on “I Was a Bad Mom Today

  1. Nicole Banuelos says:

    Aww you are not a bad mom, mama! We all of these days, sometimes I feel like I have them more than I should. I love how you were able to turn it around and dance around the kitchen while making dinner… that right there shows that you are not a bad mom, but the best mom possible! Keep doing what you’re doing!


  2. Melissa says:

    I definitely had a day like this yesterday. Then Kai grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me! My heart melted. He knew I was frustrated with all that happened yesterday. He even started singing and dancing to cheer me up!


  3. Sara says:

    Your writing is fabulous and your heart is golden! ❤️️ You’re not alone in having days like that, trust me! Thanks for the reminder to stop and enjoy the humans I get to love life with!


  4. Shannan says:

    This was me the other day. I felt like I just couldn’t take it – the crazy. But something Ryland did stopped me in my tracks and made me laugh and I realized how harsh I had been all day to these babies who don’t know any better. Thank you so much for this post.


  5. Anonymous says:

    reading this I almost let out a tear. It’s okay that we have “bad mommy” days. We all go through it and you’re braver enough to speak about it. I think it’s wonderful that women can blog about real life situations and us readers can find some sort of comfort and truth in it relating to our very own situations. Us mommas should often remind each other that it’s okay to feel off certain days after all we are the glue that keeps everything together. And often forget about ourselves. But one bad day is often cured by those little smiles and precious hugs. Man they do change everything in a matter of a second don’t they. It’s funny cause kids have a two second rebound with parents one second they’re upset the next second they’re hugging all over you as if you had never just told them no in a loud voice. and if you think about it we are just like them. We’re only human.


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