Must Have Mondays

Must Have Mondays – Issue 5

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If you’re new to my Must Have Mondays posts let me fill you in! Every other week I post about a recipe, blogger/blog, and product. This is geared towards moms, wives, and just women in general! (And sometimes men). The recipe is something yummy that was easy to make, the blog is one I love to read with an author who I think my readers can relate with, and a trendy/helpful product.

Enjoy 🙂

This week’s recipe is 4 Ingredient Cheesy Orzo from A Cedar Spoon


Photo courtesy of A Cedar Spoon

I love a good meal, but sometimes the perfect side dish is what brings a meal together. I also love pasta, am pretty obsessed with cheese, and can’t cook with a darn. Enter 4 ingredient cheezy orzo! It looks, sounds, and even tastes fancy so therefore I use it to convince people I have some sort of idea what I’m doing in the kitchen. We have also eaten this both hot and cold. Orzo seems to one of those pastas you can really do that with. This particular side dish is also one of those great ones to have on hand as you can pair it with lots of things – we’ve served it with chicken and fish before. Yum!

This week’s blogger is Shirri Stringfellow of Stringfellow + Co


Photo courtesy of Shirri Stringfellow

Shirri is one of the first bloggers I connected with after launching my own back in February. I remember first looking at her blog and thinking, “this girl is going somewhere.” Her blog was totally awesome then and has just gotten better. Not only has the content continued getting better and better, but she gave her blog a facelift a few months ago. Not that it needed one though! But yet again, it only got better. Shirri blogs about motherhood, marriage, product reviews and some really awesome DIY projects. Now if anyone can call a DIY project awesome, it’s me because typically I run the other way when “DIY” is mentioned. Seriously though, I think there’s a little bit for everyone on Shirri’s site!

This week’s product is the Baby Bullet Food System

This item was something I was itching to use from the second I got it as a baby shower gift. I’d heard so many wonderful things about it from other mamas who have it. Many people warned me that it was just a marketing scheme and that I should just buy the Magic Bullet (the original food processor made by the same company). I’m so glad I didn’t. First of all, they are cute. Look at those little smiling faces on the side! Why do you need cute? It makes it more appealing to baby. Sounds silly, but my child will literally wave at this thing sometimes. Secondly, it has wonderful storage containers that are just the right size. Thirdly, it comes with a pocket nutrition guide and a recipe book. Now that may sound silly in this wonderful world of Pinterest and Google, it did to me at first, but just being able to grab that and quickly refer to it was great. Especially for a new time mom, like myself! And if you really like the pocket nutrition guide they now have book as well.

(Also, if you find you need additional storage you can use this or this).

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