Blisters, Sweat, & Tears – My 1/2 Marathon Recap

This past Sunday I participated in my first ever half marathon (13.1 miles). It was part of the Rock and Roll Marathon Series and it was here in Virginia Beach. I had so much fun! It was an absolutely amazing experience, from the day hit “submit” on my registration to the second I crossed the finish line (and the hours afterwards).  It was really just an all-encompassing learning experience and pushed me to my limits. It tested me phsycially, mentally, and spiritually. Many people have been so complimentary, praising my efforts and success in finishing, but I really can’t say enough about how I truly feel that anyone could do it. Running does not come naturally to me. I took the training schedule slowly, put all my trust in God, and just did it.

The starting gun went off at 7:00 AM that morning. The weather was so, so perfect – in the 70s and overcast the entire time I ran. This was quite a relief as the day before there were torrential rains and high winds as Hurricane Hermine tempted to hit us.

Because of the threatening hurricane, however, timers, signs, stands, and other structures, including most of the finish line were taken down for precautionary reasons. I was a little disappointed about the finish line, but obviously everyone’s safety is more important!

My hubby and little one dropped me off, and then I saw them again about a mile in, and knew I’d be seeing them at the finish line as well. Seeing them a mile in was a total surprise and was so inspirational and brought tears to my eyes. (With all the streets shut down and a little one, I didn’t know if my hubby would see any of the actual race after dropping me off, I thought they’d just make it to the finish).

They’re my biggest cheerleaders and I love them so!



I made my best time during the last mile. I was SO pumped up!


I was so surprised to see my parents, my brother and his girlfriend, and three of my cousins at the finish line! So many happy tears!!!! They will never know what a feeling it was to see all their faces!


My biggest supporter of all, my hubby.



Two of my biggest accomplishments; loved showing her my medal, even though she had no idea what she was looking at.


And last, but least…the after party. A beer, some music, and the most perfect weather.

Until next time….


Click here for the blog post I did of all the other races I’ve participated in.

Also, I want to give a shout-out to an amazing, inspirational blogger pal of mine, Caroline! She inspired me with this post and when I reached out to her she was nothing but supportive. She answered questions I had, gave me tips, and even mailed me a card. She’ll never know how appreciative I am!

Since her triathlon is what inspired me to sign up for this half marathon, I am hoping this post inspires at least one person to commit to something they’ve been thinking about. Here’s the link to this particular race series to find out when it comes to your town!



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