Must Have Mondays

Must Have Mondays – Issue 4

If you haven’t checked out Must Have Mondays before, here’s what it’s all about…. an awesome blogger/blog, an easy and tasty recipe, and a helpful product – all “must haves” for fellow mamas, women, bloggers, and people in general! Every other Monday I’ll have three all new must haves.

Enjoy this week’s!

This week’s recipe is Slow Cooked Zesty Zucchini Chicken from Fit Mom Angela D


Photo courtesy of Fit Mom Angela D

Let’s be honest, like many of the recipes I have posted for this series so far, it had me at “slow cooked.” I mean does get any better than a recipe that’s healthy, tasty, AND easy?! We also always seem to have both chicken and zucchini on hand. (We eat more chicken than any other protein and zucchini is normally cheap and goes with tons of things). This recipe was filling and had the perfect amount of kick for someone who likes a bit of a spice, but can’t handle too much. The peppers also cooked down just right and were delicious. We served it with whole grain pasta and it was a perfect meal! I’d be lying if I said I’ve only made this once since finding the recipe a few weeks ago.

This week’s blogger is Angela of MOMtessori Life

image1 (1).JPG

I remember being immediately intrigued when I came across Angela’s Instagram page months ago. She had these sweet posts and AWESOME activities that she did/does with her little girls. More intriguing than how awesome the activities were the fact that they are Montessori activities something I am always interested in learning more about! Her blog was even more of a wealth of information, as you can imagine. She gives easy to follow instructions, is super honest about how the activities turned out, and always gives tips of what she would do differently the next time around. Angela is also such a sweetheart, always answering questions about specific activities, and helping any way she can. I would suggest reading her blog to anyone, but especially those looking for excellent learning opportunities for little ones.

This week’s product is the GOOtensil

I caught a glance of this product and immediately reached out to them! As a first time parent I was trying all different things and brainstorming over how to teach my little one how to use utensils. This product is designed to catch food in the “goo”tensil so that children aren’t trying to learn both WHAT the utensil is actually for and HOW to use it. The child simply sticks the GOOtensil in the puree and sticks it in their mouth – no confusing scoops or stabbing. Now this is not to say that she is going to use this forever and never have to worry about how to use utensils, not at all, it is just a simplified introduction. It is for making the transition from no utensils to utensils, easier. Now I just wish I’d discovered this product sooner!

I received the mentioned items in this post in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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