Thank you my sweet daughter

To my sweet baby girl as our breastfeeding journey ends,
You have been nursing less and less lately and as we approach your first birthday I’m not sure just how much longer we’ll be on this journey. It has been a grueling one, scattered with physical, mental, and emotional difficulties, but I’m thankful we were in it together. You see, so many people focus on how strong the mother is when breastfeeding doesn’t come easy, but honestly, I owe it all to you! As natural and beautiful as breastfeeding is, it definitely didn’t come naturally to us and honestly, it wasn’t always beautiful. But through it all you tried and tried and tried again and again and again laying every bit of trust in me. Even when I had no idea what I was doing (heck, I still don’t) you stayed patient. I love you so very much for that….and for so many other things, but truly your unwavering trust bonded us so deeply.
Those first days, weeks, and even months I had so much to learn. I fumbled. I cried. I often lost my patience. But you held it out for me and even when you fumbled, cried, and lost your patience we still leaned on one another to get us through.
We were both brand new at this and if I’m being honest, neither of us were very good. Thank you for always trying your hardest with me. I know you had your own struggles, and even physical barriers working against you. But we fought through!
Parents are proud of their children for a number of reasons but having you successfully nurse for the first time on your own, something you’d been trying to master for weeks since leaving the hospital, made me beam with such pride. Daddy and I did a little high five, “yay!” session actually. It was a beautiful, wonderful moment!
I know in the beginning it was a struggle for me but your trust in me is the only thing that made nursing ever work out for us. Now many people will read this and think, “well of course she trusted you, she was a newborn and you her mama.” That’s not it though! You could have refused or fought it or just gave up, but you didn’t. We’d snuggle and pray and you’d trust the process time and time again, even when it didn’t always work. Thank you for that. Thank you so, so much my sweet girl.
Breastfeeding you this past 11 months (and how ever many months we have to go!) have been nothing short of amazing – they have brought us closer, even closer than the regular bonding that comes with it because we had to learn to completely rely on one another. These past 11 months have taught patience, love, and faith. These past 11 months I accomplished something that I never realized I would be so deeply proud of!
Thank you my sweet daughter, I owe it all to you.
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17 thoughts on “Thank you my sweet daughter

  1. Sonjae says:

    Absolutely amazing Chelsea! Breastfeeding is an amazing journey and if I wasn’t encouraged before I am definitely motivated now.. This is a pure and natural part of being a mother and I’m so glad that you and your baby girl are experiencing and growing together so soon.. Continue to be the great “always” learning mother that I know you will be…


    • Chelsea McKinney says:

      Beautiful comment Sonjae! Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging words. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new little one! You are a great mother too! The joy in your son’s face shows it – how well it is being raised and just how happy he truly is! Keep it up!


  2. Mal says:

    I currently don’t have the emotional stability for this!!! SO beautiful and sweet and TRUE! Such a great post Chelsea, thank you so much for sharing it ❤


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