Going Out With a Bang!

And just like that, my sweet, teeny Adalynn celebrated her last “first holiday” yesterday.

For anyone that knows me, even if only for five minutes, they know that I am a holiday fanatic. I love dressing up, celebrating for days, eating festive food, and spending time with family & friends. Every single holiday lasts much more than a day ’round here!

The 4th of July has been a favorite holiday of mine for years – warm weather, fun times, and it just seems to get everyone in such FESTIVE moods! I totally love it! Last year, while I was pregnant with Adalynn, I was already talking about how 4th of July would be her last “first holiday,” with my due date being in August. I started joking then that she’d end her first year of celebrations with a BANG! (Fireworks pun, get it??)

Anyway, I just wanted to hop on real quick and post a recap of each of the big holidays we celebrated this past 10+ months with some of my favorite photos and memories from that particular holiday. Hope you enjoy! Xo

October 2015 – Halloween

Back in 2012, my husband, John, and I hung out at our friends’ house to hand out candy when our goddaughter was only 2 months old, never thinking we were starting a tradition. Now here we are 4 years and 3 babies later and it is better than ever! We hand out candy, take the little ones for a short stroll to get some candy of their own, drink a craft beer or two, and normally make some sort of yummy soup.


November 2015 – Thanksgiving

Unlike most families, we don’t have a Thanksgiving tradition. We just plan accordingly each year. This past Thanksgiving day was spent at John’s parents’ house. It was such a great day with delicious food (duh) and awesome family time. Not only did Adalynn get to hang out with her cousin who was born less than a month before her (only the 3rd time they’d done that), but Adalynn also got to meet her great grandfather!


December 2015 – Christmas

Christmas was a particularly special holiday to celebrate as a family of three since it was on Christmas Day the previous year that we announced to our families that we were expecting. We spent Christmas Eve with John’s parents, woke up Christmas morning at our own home, and then hosted my family for dinner.


December 2015/January 2016 – New Year’s Eve

We contemplated getting a sitter and going out, but decided we wanted to stay home for Adalynn’s first NYE! We were then going to just sit in our PJs and eat some finger food junk, but instead got all gussied up (Adalynn included, of course!) and made a spread of food like we were feeding a herd. It ended up being so much fun!


February 2016 – Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never been a holiday my husband and I celebrate. We normally go out to eat somewhere around that day (not on the day, craziness!), but it’s really not a huge deal in our family. This particular Valentine’s Day also fell on a Sunday so most of our day we were busy at church and then with Monday being the next day we just settled for a dinner at home and a few mediocre pictures!


March 2016 – St. Patrick’s Day

Biggest holiday in our family as my paternal grandfather was Irish! I normally have a zillion and five pictures but with a baby and a rain storm it made things quite difficult. Every year our family goes down to the Shamrock 8k celebration at the Oceanfront. I have ran it in past years, but this year we just went to support my mom who participated in it. Afterwards we always enjoy some brews, music, and quality time together!


March 2016 – Easter

Easter has always been a special holiday to me because of its reason, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have so much fun with it because not only did I get to introduce my new babe to the meaning of Easter, but I also got to get her all dressed up and make an Easter basket. So fun and she looked so sweet once she was all dressed up that it brought tears to my eyes.


May 2016 – Mother’s Day

The most special of all holidays, for a mama at least! I so vividly remember dreaming of this day as I held my pregnant belly the previous year. My husband had made it so special then and so special again this year. I came downstairs to Adalynn sitting in the jogging stroller I’d been wanting with a handmade (melt my heart; extra brownie points) card. We then went to church and although we had big plans for a picnic we ended up just spending hours on our back patio talking and eating and laughing and talking and eating and laughing.


June 2016 – Father’s Day

Adalynn and I woke her daddy (my hubby) up with his favorite breakfast in bed and she was wearing the cutest onesie I’d bought that said “I’m Glad You’re My Dad.” His coffee was served in a mug that we’d DIYed with her handprint on one side and “#1 Dad” on the other side. After that we gave John the rest of his gifts and relaxed for the day, until later that evening when we grilled out.


July 2016 – 4th of July 

As usual, we drug this holiday out for daysssssss. We grilled out June 30th, spent time with family on July 1st, went to the beach in my hometown on the 2nd, and grilled out and played cornhole on the 3rd. On the actual 4th of July it was really rainy. We checked the weather in the Outer Banks and it was supposed to be sunny for the most part. We had back-up plans to go to the Aquarium if it wasn’t. We used the back-up plans. Haha The Aquarium was really fun though so that was fine and Adalynn seemed to have a great time. After we left the aquarium we went out to eat as a family of three and then drove the two hours home.

I could not have scripted life any better that night because as I rocked Adalynn to sleep and thought back to all the holidays and how we celebrated the past 10 months I could hear fireworks going off in the distance.

Like I promised everyone when she was just a teeny thing in my belly, her last “first holiday” ended with a bang!


Although I’m sure you won’t remember any of the celebrating we’ve done these past 10 months I hope you treasure these photos. While I have taken the time to do photo shoots for most of them, with cute props, adorable outfits, and makeshift backdrops, these pictures, in the moment, mean so much more to me. Making memories and celebrating these holidays with you for the first time have been something I will never forget. Next stop, your first birthday!

7 thoughts on “Going Out With a Bang!

  1. crazylifewithlittles says:

    Stop it! She’s the cutest little holiday baby ever! And I love your smile! It shines so bright in each and every picture!


  2. Suzanne Hines says:

    Holidays with babies are SO fun! This post brought back so many memories of our time with Little Miss- Halloween was her first holiday with us, and we went through each of those holidays with her (except the 4th boooohoooo). Anyways, it brought back a lot of special memories!


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