What’s on Your…TV Watch List

Excited it’s time for another link-up with some fabulous ladies! This month we are talking about what’s on our TiVo, Hulu, Netflix, etc. watch list. If this is your first month tuning in, this link-up posts on the third Wednesday of every month. You can share via blog post and actually join in on the blog link-up or just hashtag #2016whatsonyour and play along with on Instagram. Okay now that all the housekeeping is out of the way, here’s those fabulous ladies I referred to a second ago:

The Other Hostesses

Andrea || For the Love of Honey

Courtney || Love of Mommyhood

Maeve || Everyday Maeve

Patricia || Life of a Minister Mom

Sara || Crazy Cozads

Tabitha || Tabitha Panariso

Now onto this month’s theme….

What’s On Your…TiVo, Netflix, Hulu Watch List

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So this month’s topic was a tricky one for me. Why? Well, I don’t watch television. I know some of you may have just reread that to make sure you heard me correctly, but you did. I don’t watch television. I have nothing against the TV, but I just never make the time for it. For many it is a relaxing time, but I’m never able to get invested enough in a show because I’m thinking about a zillion other things I could be getting done. I’m very much a busy body so I have to be fully invested to actually relax and sit still for a bit. Books, blogging, and social media do that for me, television doesn’t.

Now don’t be fooled, that’s not to say our television is never on. In the rare times that we are able to spend some time together my husband and I enjoy watching movies or reruns of the sitcom Friends (we own all 10 seasons on DVD).

We also use it, maybe a bit too much sometimes, as an at home date night. An excuse to do nothing, hang out together, and make some yummy snacks, which are often simple (popcorn, trail mix, chips and salsa), but we also like to splurge (olives, fine cheeses, crackers, wine)

image (7)

We also rent movies at Redbox every once in a while and snag a sitter for a night at the actually movie theater, but it doesn’t happen often.

If we do rent/go see a movie soon, what should it be? Help!

Check out the lists of all the other hostesses and be sure to add your’s. If you don’t have a blog, post it on Instagram. Or do both! (That’s what I did!)

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