What’s On Your… Summer Bucket List

So excited about this month’s link-up because I am a huge fan of SUMMER and I am a huge fan of BUCKET LISTS (well actually lists in general!)

If you didn’t tune in in April, this link-up posts on the third Wednesday of every month. Share along with us, have fun, and meet some new friends!

The Other Hostesses

Andrea || For the Love of Honey

Courtney || Love of Mommyhood

Maeve || Everyday Maeve

Patricia || Life of a Minister Mom

Sara || Crazy Cozads

Tabitha || Tabitha Panariso

This month’s theme is….

What’s On Your…Summer Bucket List

While last summer was one of the best summers of my life, as it is when we greeted our baby girl….

…this summer will be MUCH different.

Many of the activities we will be partaking in will either be involving a sweet almost one year old OR they will be activities that were considered dangerous or wrong for me to partake in last summer!

Here’s my summer bucket list, which I will be sure to add to! You can obviously see what my top priority is. Leave a comment below with more ideas!!!


Check out the lists of all the other hostesses and be sure to add your’s. If you don’t have a blog, post it on Instagram. Or do both! (That’s what I did!)

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Now is time for you to set your calendars for June 15th, grab our button and show us What’s On Your…

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Crazy Cozads


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