We’ve Got a Spring in Our Step

Spring is such a beautiful season – everything renewed, flowers blooming, baby animals born, the warmth of the sun after the long winter is so good for the soul. Well, it’s not technically spring just yet here in Virginia, but the temps the past few days have been divine and the sun hasn’t stopped shining.

Yesterday, a little before noon, I took Adalynn outside in this beautiful weather! We weren’t even finished getting ready for the day, but I couldn’t resist the bird chirping, bright blue skies any longer!  I put her in one of her toys that her feet hang through. I thought, “how awesome, she’ll get to feel the grass on her toes for the first time.” Oh my goodness! Cue the waterworks! As a mother you always expect to be excited/emotional at all your child’s firsts, all the holidays and milestones, but then you experience ones you had never even thought of! Her little piggies in the grass was one of the ones I hadn’t thought of and one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I snapped away even though her bow hadn’t been picked out yet (gasp!) and the sun was so bright she was squinting 99% of the time. It was a moment I’ll never forget though – the warm sun on our skin, bare feet in the grass, and her taking it alllll in.




Her furry brother and sister joined in on the fun too, of course!

After I finally convinced myself we couldn’t stay outside anymore, (and literally only because I was terrified of Adalynn getting a sunburn) we ran 50 million errands.

The sun was much lower in the sky (hence not as bright and/or threatening) when we got home so back outside we went. I just needed to soak every last bit of it in!




Hope you’re having a beautiful day!

Where in the world are you reading from? And what’s the weather like there?

2 thoughts on “We’ve Got a Spring in Our Step

  1. Kathy LeGrand says:

    Love love love Adalynn!!💕💕💕She’s growing up soooo fast!!! Beautiful words!!! Love love love and miss you both bunches💕😘💕😘💕


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