The Difference a Year Makes

IMG_9983A couple days ago marked one year from when my husband and I announced our pregnancy.  It was such an exciting time as this was our first child. I went overboard, of course, scheduling a professional photographer, pinning a zillion ideas, and planning a perfect photo shoot. Other than the fact that we were excited, it just made the pregnancy so much more real to share it with the world. I sat here the other night looking at pictures from that photo shoot and realizing just how much has happened (and changed!) in the past year. It has been an absolute whirlwind, but so very incredible. It is truly amazing what can happen in one year’s time.

This past year I have experienced the last six months of pregnancy, labored and birthed my first child, a daughter, and watched that new daughter, completely dependent on me, grow into a free-willed little lady just shy of her half birthday. And I have loved every. single. moment.

This past year I have felt sheer happiness and complete fear in a single breath, more times than I can recall.

I have felt empowered and helpless. A lot. Thought those feelings would be over once childbirth was, but I quickly learned that that’s always how you feel as a parent.

This past year I have grown an extra set of ears, another backbone, and had my heart triple in size.

I have cried more tears of happiness than in my entire life combined.

This past year I have pulled strength from places in my soul I didn’t even know existed.

I have slept less, smiled more, and contemplated my sanity a time or two (or three).

This past year I learned the true meaning of bliss.

This past year I have grown closer to God than I knew was humanly possible.

This past year I have been given the role of “Mother” and will never be able to make a long enough list of how truly amazing that title is.

Although all these things happened to me in the past year, reading back over it, I think many of them happened the second I laid eyes on my daughter. Nothing compares to the sight of that perfect little person that you so anxiously wanted to meet, yet so truly and deeply knew all along.


I loved being pregnant, but having her here is just amazing. To watch a person grow and develop day in and day out doesn’t compare to many other things you’ll witness in your life. Below are pictures from our pregnancy announcement last year (done by the incredible Cynthia Tenney) and photos I shot the other day at the park (hallelujah for a 70 degree day in the winter, even though it was the worst time of day for photos!) I can’t help but smile thinking of how much we talked about what she’d be like to only be so very wrong; she’s so, so much more incredible than we ever could have imagined.

Baby McKinney, now known as our sweet daughter, Adalynn.

Announcing with a handmade Sweethearts® candy; Her Sweethearts® candy plush.

Our sweet babe wearing the onesie her daddy and I made.


Thank you for taking the time to follow along on our journey. Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you’ve spent it with the people you love the most. Xoxo






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