What’s My Name?

Life is busy. We all know it. We don’t get together with friends and family as much as we like. We don’t do all the things we enjoy because we are “too busy.” Unfortunately most of us end up caught neck deep in the rat race. We have jobs, chores, errands, and even other lives to care for; the list goes on and on (and on). And THEN we focus on life.

“I have to finish my presentation for work and then we can go out to dinner.”

“We have to run to the post office, bank, and dry cleaner and then we’ll see if we have time to stop by.”

“Let me earn one more vacation day, and then we’ll come see you guys.”

We do all kinds of tasks and then life! Life! Life is the good parts, the memory making, the indescribable moments. Life is the vacations, weddings, and get-togethers with the friends and family we love so much, but don’t see nearly enough. THAT is the idea behind this blog space, And Then Life.

I realize, however, there are things day in and day out that need to be tended to. We can’t pretend there aren’t. Let’s learn to make those mundane tasks enjoyable though, let’s learn how to smile and laugh through them! Those “must-do’s” on our “to-do” lists (I’m not the only one that does that, right??) have to be approached differently. What is actually necessary now and what can wait? We are always, always, always going to have something to do. Take the time to live your LIFE instead.

You are intended to do much more on this Earth than check off a to-do list of pointless tasks. That “life” part is what we all should truly be focusing on.

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