To Blog or Not to Blog, That was Never the Question


In this day and age of technology and social media, blogging has really taken off. People across the world are sharing their most true selves, in all aspects, with anyone that will take the time to listen. Bloggers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and ages with a plethora of different experiences and opinions. They are pastors, artists, couch surfers, students, and people who are just like me. Yet no matter the differences, I find myself drawn to these blogs. I want to learn more about these different walks of life. I am intrigued by the passions that drive their everydays. Because you see, even when the people who are “just like me” have something to say, it is still going to be different than how I would say it. They will explain things differently, they will approach things differently.  There is a reason there are millions of blogs, yet people still continue to read on. Even if the same topic is discussed, no two people are going to take on the subject matter in the same way. That’s what keeps people coming back for more.

I knew as I sat at my computer, nearly two years ago, reading blog after blog, that it was something I was meant to do. There were times during the planning process that I became discouraged. I would be lying if I said I did not. There are so, so many blogs out there. That’s just it though, blogging isn’t a competition. If writing your blog is something you’re enjoying, you’re already successful.

I knew I wanted to have MY WORDS out there – to be read, enjoyed, dissected, and even argued with. I wanted to be part of this community of people from around the world, sharing their lives, sharing their own little worlds. While my life is not overly interesting, my wit is not overwhelmingly charming, and my writing tends to be rambly at times, it’s time I share my perspective of my little corner of the world.

I hope you’ll join me!

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